Eve started to smile when she was 5 weeks old. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

She's especially smiley when she first wakes up. It makes it a lot easier to wake up early in the morning to take care of Eve when she's giving me one of her big open mouthed smiles (after she's been fed and changed, of course)

I had to share  this short video of our baby girl featuring her cute little expressions.

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Eve's First Sunday at Church

Eve's first Sunday at church was a few weeks ago. She looked adorable! Such a cute little dress!

Eve was a perfect angel at church! She slept in either my arms or John's the entire time.
I love my little family!


Eve's First Christmas

Eve turned three weeks old on Christmas Day. I dressed her in a cute little outfit that said "My First Christmas" on the top. We got to spend time with both John's family and mine.

A couple of days before Christmas we made Eve a salt dough ornament. It will be fun to pull it out each Christmas and see how much she's grown.

It's hard to believe that Eve will be one next Christmas!

Eve's First Bath

We gave Eve her first bath when she was 9 days old. It was filled with cute, naked, chubby baby goodness. We were nervous about how she would react to it. Luckily, she loved it! The hardest part was making sure that we kept her warm in our ridiculously cold apartment. We are fortunate enough to have cinder block walls in our apartment that do an absolutely horrible job of keeping in heat. It's a struggle to keep the temperature in our apartment above 68 degrees.

She particularly seemed to love having her hair washed. She looked so relaxed and as always, completely adorable. This next picture really shows off how orange her skin was when she was first born (from jaundice).

Six weeks later, Eve still loves her baths!

5 am

This little girl of ours has decided that the best and only way to sleep is in the arms of, or right beside, her mum or dad. Oh and contrary to popular opinion, apparently the day is a much, much better time to catch some zzz's than the night. Also, bassinets and cribs are completely unacceptable for this little girl. Only a grown-up queen size bed will do.

Up until a week ago Eve had a relatively nice sleeping schedule (for a newborn). She would take little naps throughout the day and evening until about 3 am. Then she would sleep for a solid 5-7 hours in her bassinet, which was absolutely wonderful. Sadly, these times seem to be at an end. Twice over the past few days Eve has stayed awake from 10 pm to 5 or 6 am. These nights have been filled with frustration and crying for both Eve and us. Well, John and I haven't actually cried but I've definitely come close. It's amazing how little patience I have left at 5am. The most difficult thing is that we are able to eventually get Eve to sleep when we hold her and rock her long enough, but she wakes up five minutes after we put her in her bassinet. 

Everyone tells new parents to sleep when the baby sleeps, but with Eve this advice is hard to follow because she only sleeps soundly when she's been held by us. We have found that the only way we can manage to get some sleep is for me to feed her in our bed, which will put her to sleep, and then to leave her in the bed with us. This still only works about half the time. We had been determined not to co-sleep but our resolve always seems to weaken at 5 am after a sleepless night. 

As difficult as these times have been for us, I have to say that a part of me (sometimes a very small part of me) loves that Eve needs one of us to be holding her or be right beside her in order to fall asleep and to stay asleep. I love that she finds so much comfort in being near to us. Also, when Eve starts to wake up in our bed at 5 am after falling asleep mere minutes before, sometimes there's an opportunity when I can pull her into my arms next to me and she quickly returns to sleep. In that moment I feel full of love and contentment, surprisingly even at 5 am.


A Birth Story

Six weeks ago, I was awoken at 6 am by contractions. I was 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I had expected to go past my due date but I began to question this when I learned that I was 3 cm dilated at my 37 week appointment. Throughout that week I waited for labor to start and was surprised when nothing happened, even after playing a pretty vigorous game of "gutterball" in my water aerobics class in which I ran and swam back and forth across the pool for 45 minutes and somehow managed to score over half the goals for my team. There were a couple of days when I had three or four painful contractions in a row, but nothing more than that. I began to wonder if the baby would come late after all.

The night of December 3, John and I stayed up late playing Phase 10. I was feeling more uncomfortable than usual but I wasn't sure why. I felt a little pain in my abdomen but it was a constant pain that didn't come and go like contractions. As John and I were getting ready for bed he said that he wouldn't be surprised if I woke him up in the middle of the night saying that I was in labor. We ended up going to bed at 2 am. I definitely regretted this when my contractions started 4 hours later. My contractions were about 15 minutes apart and I wasn't sure if this was the real thing this time, so I decided to try to go back to sleep. I figured that if I could go back to sleep, I probably wasn't in labor. The contractions kept waking me up every 10-15 minutes for a while, but I managed to sleep for a couple of hours.

I woke again at 10 am. My contractions were 5 minutes apart so I began to accept that this was the real deal. We'd been told to come to the hospital after my contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour, but I decided to wait it out at home for a while longer. I wanted to hold out on getting an epidural for as long as I could because I'd heard that epidurals could slow things down. I thought it would be easier to deal with my contractions at home where I was comfortable and could move around freely. After three hours of my contractions being 3-5 minutes apart, we decided to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 1:30 pm and at this point I was dilated to 5 cm and fully effaced. My contractions were excruciatingly painful but I decided that I could last a little longer without an epidural. I have no idea how some women have natural births. I know that I could never voluntarily do that. At about 2:45 my doctor came and broke my water. Funnily enough, my 38 week appointment with my doctor had been scheduled for that time. After my water was broken, my contractions became even worse so I decided that it was time to get my epidural. I soon learned that I am one of the unfortunate people who experiences some negative side effects with an epidural. My blood pressure dropped to 74/33 and I became really nauseous. I didn't feel any more pain from my contractions but I felt awful. I had no energy and I felt so sick that I couldn't even talk. I was given extra fluids to bring my blood pressure up to a safer level and some nausea medication. After about half an hour I felt so much better.

I progressed gradually over the next few hours. My pain was completely relieved. All I could feel was some slight pressure. By 7:45 I was 10 cm dilated and it was time to push. I couldn't believe that it was finally time to meet our little girl. I pushed for about 45 minutes. I was surprised that I barely felt any pain while I pushed. I could completely relax between rounds of pushing. Epidurals are wonderful. 

Our baby girl was born at 8:29 pm. Holding her for the first time was such an amazing experience. It felt so surreal. It was hard to believe that this little girl was my daughter and that she had been inside of me for so many months. She was so beautiful and small, with a head of thick dark brown hair. She weighed 6 lb 5 oz and was 19 in long.

It was so cute to see John hold her for the first time. She looked so tiny in his arms and he looked so happy. When she was handed back to me after being cleaned and examined, I was a little scared. I'd never been around babies before, let alone a newborn baby. I was nervous that I would somehow hurt this perfect little girl. 

We named her Evelyn Elizabeth Oblad but we call her Eve. She shares her first name with my grandmother and her middle name is the same as mine.

I can't believe that Eve is 6 weeks old. It has been the hardest but happiest month and a half of my life. She is such a sweet little girl. She started smiling last week and it is the cutest thing ever. Nothing is better than seeing her smile up at me. I love being a mum. Those long 38 weeks of pregnancy and 14 hours of labor were definitely worth it. 

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