Eve's First Bath

We gave Eve her first bath when she was 9 days old. It was filled with cute, naked, chubby baby goodness. We were nervous about how she would react to it. Luckily, she loved it! The hardest part was making sure that we kept her warm in our ridiculously cold apartment. We are fortunate enough to have cinder block walls in our apartment that do an absolutely horrible job of keeping in heat. It's a struggle to keep the temperature in our apartment above 68 degrees.

She particularly seemed to love having her hair washed. She looked so relaxed and as always, completely adorable. This next picture really shows off how orange her skin was when she was first born (from jaundice).

Six weeks later, Eve still loves her baths!


  1. Excellent. It's so much fun to watch a baby's reaction to warm water. She'll definitely be a spa lover when she grows up. Thanks for the post!

  2. Awwwww she is so cute! She looks like you, Sierra! I can't wait to meet her :)


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