Polka Dots + Lace

I've been on a bit of a spending freeze lately which has forced me to take a good look at my closet. This outfit consists of items that I haven't really looked at in a long time. When you've owned a piece of clothing for quite a while, it can be easy to overlook it just because it's not as exciting as the new things you buy. I was pleasantly surprised with how this outfit came together, though. I was feeling like I had nothing to wear when I actually had some great pieces that just needed to be worn in a new way. 

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Blue on Blue

Since I absolutely love this scenery top, I'm always looking for opportunities to wear it. Generally I wear it as a part of fairly casual outfits. This time I decided to try to dress it up a little. This also gave me the opportunity to wear my gorgeous cobalt blue maxi skirt. Cobalt blue is definitely in fashion for the fall so I think I'll be pulling out this skirt pretty often in the next few months. 


Splash of Color

It's hard to feel unhappy when you're wearing an outfit as brightly colored as this one. I had a fairly difficult time last week. John started a new job so Eve and I were adjusting to it just being the two of us. Also, Eve's sleeping has been pretty irregular too. She's been waking a lot during the night and refuses to go to sleep until late at night. This cheery outfit provided a tiny bit of a pick me up. Plus it was super comfy and who doesn't like that!

Little Black Dress + Florals

I made this black dress a few years ago and I've never worn it. It has just been sitting in my closet and I've just kept overlooking it. All I could see were its imperfections. I guess enough time has passed that I can't really remember all the little mistakes I made when sewing it. It's not my favorite dress but I felt is was worth wearing at least once. 


Neutrals with a Pop

When I wear a pair of fun colored shoes, like the ones below, I like to wear them with neutrals. Wearing a fairly colorless outfit really makes the shoes pop. 
That's really all I have to say about this. Wait... yep that's it. 


Red + Purple

About a year ago, I probably wouldn't have worn this outfit. One reason is because I was 5 months pregnant but also because I rarely mixed colors. If I wore a brightly colored item I would always pair it with neutrals. Now I don't know why I was scared to mix colors. I think the color combination I'm wearing here will be great for the fall. 

Mirror Floral Print

I love, love, love this floral skirt from ASOS. I love the mirror print and the gorgeous colors. I also really like the length of the skirt. I feel like the length enhances the femininity of the look. Not that beautiful floral prints aren't feminine already :)

Sorry for the low quality pictures. We waited a little too long (because Eve was being a grumpy pants) and couldn't find a place with good lighting to take them. 

Letters to Eve: 8 Months




V-Neck + Scarf

This is one of those outfits that's great for a day of running errands. It's simple and comfortable but the scarf makes it a little more fun. I'm excited for cooler weather to arrive so that I can wear scarves more often! 

On another note, have you been missing Wellness Wednesdays? If so, make sure to check out my fitness blog here. I've been sharing weekly updates about my fitness/weight loss journey as well as some posts about running.

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Peplum + Leather

This is an outfit that accidentally came together. It just so happened that I tried on the peplum top and the coated leggings at the same time and realized that it was a fun combination. This top is definitely my new favorite. With almost every white top that I own, I have to wear a tank top or other top underneath it because they all seem to be see through. Not this top. It's perfect.


Floral Baseball Tee

Lately I've been loving baseball tees. They are so comfy and casual and yet can be a part of some really cute outfits! I especially love this baseball tee because 1) it's floral and 2) it was only $6.28 from Target. I am also a big fan of hair bows right now. I can just quickly put my hair in a half up-do, clip in a bow and ta-da, instant cuteness. 


Leather + Rhinestones

This is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday. The love the jacket I'm wearing because it's so interesting. It has leather, rhinestones, dashed lines, and a fun texture. When you write it out it seems like this is too much for one item but somehow this jacket pulls it off.

I've noticed lately that if I stand Eve up on the grass, she'll immediately lift one of her legs in the air. You can see this in the last picture here and in my last outfit post. It's so adorable.


Neutral Sparkle Makeup Tutorial

I don't know about anyone else but when I was in elementary school (or primary school as we called it in Australia) I loved wearing glitter. I had several different types of body glitter and face glitter. I just thought it was the coolest. Unfortunately wearing glitter becomes a little less cool as you get older. 

Last month in my Ipsy Glam Bag, I got a palette of gorgeous glittery cream eye liners/eye shadows. I wasn't sure how or when I could wear them though. I realized that the lighter, champagne colored glitter could easily be used with other neutral colored eye shadows to create a glittery look that wasn't too bold and wouldn't make you look like a ten year old. 

You can check out the results in the following tutorial.

Here are the products that I used:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette (can buy here)

J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette (can buy here)

Now for the tutorial (written instructions are below the image):


Pop of Teal

On Saturday John and I went on our third date since we've had Eve. That's three dates in eight months. Needless to say, it was fun to get out by ourselves for a couple of hours. This was the outfit I wore for the occasion. I thought that the bright teal worn with black provided a fun contrast. Can you tell that I'm dying for it to be fall already? I keep breaking out the cardigans despite the 90-100 degree weather. I must be a little crazy. 


Spicing Things Up

Dressing in interesting outfits always seems to be a bit more of a challenge in the summer. In fall you can layer and layer but it's far too hot for that during Utah summers. This means I'm always wanting to wear shorts or skirts and a basic light shirt. For the outfit below, I tried to spice up a simple outfit by knotting my top and wearing statement jewelry. 

Taking these pictures was quite a challenge because apparently we picked the windiest time of the day to take them. It was lucky that we managed to get a few where my face isn't totally obscured by hair. 

Sorry for Baby Eve's absence in this post. Managing the wind and a little baby at the same time was just too much work.

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