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A Slightly Silly Spring 2016 Trend Guide

Spring is finally upon us, people. And as a new season dawns, it's time to reevaluate our wardrobes. What needs to go? What's missing?

When adding to your closet, you could walk blindly into your favorite stores and just go with your gut. I'm all for that sometimes. But I also like to have some idea of current trends before I shop for the season. That way, when I see a piece I like, I might also have the satisfaction of knowing that it's also on-trend.

So I thought I'd do a little recap of runway trends from Spring 2016 Fashion Week. Because that was like six months ago and who can remember all the way back then? I can't even remember what I wore yesterday...

There's a reason why I'm a good source to get this info from. I know I should have mentioned this before but I'm totally a supermodel.

Don't believe me? Why? Because I'm only 5'6"? Because I'm "only" a size 4 and not 00? Well, you'd be surprised what a mega pair of spanx and some super high heels can do. And I'm completely offended that you doubt my modeling abilities. I've watched enough America's Next Top Model to know exactly what to do. I've got smizing down.

I modeled for several fashion lines during fashion week for Spring 2016. And I was kind enough to share the pictures that featured trends that I'm most interested in this season. Behold the completely authentic results:

*To shop the trend, you can actually click directly on the images to be taken to the item!*

1. Pleats
This is by no means a new trend but it's one that is still going strong.  This may be one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe, too. A pleated maxi skirt is a great option.

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February Instagram Challenge Recap

February Instagram Challenge Recap

For the past few months, I've been participating in instagram style challenges. Specifically the #wearwhatwhere ones. If you remember from this post, I burned myself out the first month I tried one of these challenges. Now I don't stress about doing it every day, just the days it fits my schedule. So here are the prompts from February and my resulting looks:

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