This may be my favorite sweater. It's such a fun, girly color. I always love pairing sweaters with button ups. It creates such a put together look. 
I've owned this sparkly flower belt for a couple of years now and have never worn it. I realized that this was pretty ridiculous because it's gorgeous. I figured that this would be a fun outfit to wear it with.


Lace + Blue + Green

I think I have a cardigan obsession. Every time I see one in color that I don't already own, I feel like I have to have it. I've told my husband not to let me buy any more. We'll see how long that lasts though.  I especially love the cardigans from H&M. They are gorgeous colors, they're comfortable, and the fit is great. I love pairing cardigans with fun tank tops, like this lace ruffle one. 

Here's an interesting (and kinda gross) fact about the pants Eve is wearing. They have little goldfish on them and are super adorable. I have dressed her in these on three other days when I planned to take outfit pictures. On each of these occasions, Eve had massive blowouts and I had to change her into something else. I thought these pants were cursed but they finally made it through an outfit photo shoot. Yay!

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Exercise During Pregnancy

In one of the last classes I took for my major in exercise science, we were put into groups and then had to chose a condition and research the effect that exercise would have on it. My group was all girls so we decided to research the effects of exercise during pregnancy. None of us really knew what the exercise recommendations were for pregnant women and since we all wanted to be mothers at some point, we thought that this project would be pretty useful. This assignment was particularly helpful for me as I was pregnant with Eve about a week after we gave our presentation.

Me when I was 8 weeks pregnant
Even though I had this new knowledge about exercise, I wasn't the best at implementing it. For the first half of my pregnancy I didn't exercise as much as I should have. It was summer, I was taking summer classes, and the school gym was closed. This was particularly bad because I needed to take two gym glasses in my next semester, when I would be 6-9 months pregnant. John and I started going on walks to prepare myself for these classes. I ended up taking water aerobics and yoga. I'm lucky that I had the option of less intense exercise classes.

Me when I was 36 weeks pregnant
I wish that I had exercised regularly throughout my entir
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Casual and Comfy

One of my favorite things to do right now is to wear dressy necklaces with casual tees. I think that every girl needs to have a few v-necks. This one from Windsor is the best v-neck I've bought so far. The fabric is soft and the fit is great. Here I'm also wearing my one and only pair of flare jeans. I should probably invest in a few more because they are supposed to be more flattering for my figure. I'm a little wide through the hips and flares are supposed to balance this out. I love skinny jeans but I have noticed that they tend to emphasize my hips. 
On another note, Eve was being so funny while we were taking these pictures. When she was standing on the ground she kept bouncing up and down the whole time. It was adorable

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DIY Hair Bow Tutorial

If you saw my outfit post last week (here) then you would have seen me wearing a cute blue hair bow. If you read the post then you also know that I promised to provide a tutorial for hair bows this week! So, here it is!
This is a pretty easy project. It doesn't take a lot of time and the results are great!
Let's get started.

Fabric- make sure it's not one that will be too floppy. You want it to be able to hold a bow form. You'll only need 17.5" x 8.5" of fabric to make a bow that is 6" long and 2.5" wide at the widest part of the bow.
French barrette clip- I got a pack of 25 from Michael's for a couple of dollars

1. Iron your fabric to remove creases. Cut out a 13" x 6" piece of fabric

Blue + Teal

Here's another top from my shopping haul video. I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and the scenery print is beautiful. This was the first time I've ever worn a hair bow (at least in my adult life). I actually made this blue bow myself! I've always seen pictures of girls wearing hair bows but have only been able to find ones for $15. I couldn't bring myself to pay that so I decided to see if I could make one! Success! I'll be posting a tutorial for these next week!
Don't you just love Eve's little cardigan and jeans outfit! So adorable. 

Exercise Heart Rate

When I started working out in high school, I absolutely hated it. I thought that working out was so hard and miserable. It wasn't until I took one of my first exercise science classes in college that I learned that I had been going about things the wrong way. I realized that I had always been pushing myself too hard when I worked out. My heart rate would be about 190 bpm. I assumed that if I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I could then I wasn't getting a good enough workout. Of course, that is so untrue. Once I figured out how high my heart rate needed to be in order to get a sufficient cardio workout, I actually started to enjoy exercising. I stopped pushing myself to the point of feeling sick. 

So how do you know the heart rate you should be aiming for? It's not too difficult to calculate. Here are the steps:

Determine your maximum heart rate using the following equation:
So for me my maximum heart rate is estimated to be 220 - 22 = 198

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Chevron Maxi

I love this skirt so, so, so much. I've been wanting a chevron maxi for a while but it wasn't until I saw this mint one that I decided that I couldn't hold out any longer. The fact that it was on sale for $15.99 didn't hurt either! I love how comfortable maxi skirts are. I wouldn't mind wearing one every day! 

Try to ignore how tired I look in these pictures. Baby Eve was nice enough to wake me up in the middle of the night and then we had to get up nice and early for church. This seems to be a common pattern on Sundays!


Yep, It's Emerald Again

For those of you who watched my haul video you would have seen that I recently bought an emerald top with some cool floral detailing on near the shoulder. Well, here it is! I love the pop of color it brings to this otherwise dark outfit! Also, how cute are these shoes? I just love the bow design. I actually wore these shoes on my wedding day! 
I actually managed to get some shots with Eve wearing shoes! It's a miracle! As soon as we walked inside she kicked them off but at least she held off for a few minutes. 

Nautical + Gold

My husband definitely spoiled me for my first Mother's Day. If you saw my wishlist post (here), then you know that I gave John a variety of things to pick from. I expected for him to buy me one or two things from the list so I was shocked when he gave me six presents! He's such a sweetie. One of the bracelets I'm wearing here (on my right arm) and my shoes were two of my gifts. I am in LOVE with these shoes. The metallic strap is so fun. For this look I decided to pair these somewhat dressy shoes with a more casual outfit and I loved the result. 

P.S. You may have noticed that Eve is rarely wearing shoes in these posts. That's because she kicks them off almost instantly. If they're ones that can't just be slipped off then she becomes frustrated that she can't get them off so I end up taking them off. I'm not too upset about it though because tiny baby feet are some of the best things ever.

Floral Finds

Floral Finds

One of my favorite trends is floral. It is just so pretty and feminine. There are so many different gorgeous floral prints available right now. I did a little online browsing yesterday and found a lot of beautiful and affordable floral items. All of them are under $50 apart from the first dress (the dress was on sale so I had to include it!). Enjoy!

Floral Finds
1. Wallis Cream Floral Dress- $59 // 2. ASOS Floral Print Wedges- $47.52  // 3. ASOS Pencil Skirt- $30.55 // 4. Target Blazer- $20.98  // 5. Ruche Canopy Pencil Skirt- $32.99 // 6. ASOS- Oh My Love Midi Body-Conscious Dress- $50.91 // 7. Forever 21 Rhinestone Bib Necklace- $10.80 // 8. DSW- Michael Antonio Pumps- $39.95 // 9. Forever 21 Peplum Top- $17.80 // 10.  Miss Selfridge Love Slogan Tee- $32 // 11. Forever 21 Sleeveless Shirt- $17.80 // 12. Ruche Amazon Pencil Skirt- $34.99 // 13. Forever 21 Floral Skinny Jeans- $24.80 // 14. Forever 21 Tropical Blazer- $32.80 // 15. Forever 21 Watercolor Top- $15.80 // 16. Windsor Black Floral Blouse- $27.90 // 17. Ruche Sweet Tranquility Necklace- $22.99 // 18. Target Baseball Top- $6.28 // 19. Windsor Black Strap Heels- $14.95

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Mint + Coral

In the past I've rarely, if ever, worn bright colors together. When I would wear a bright top I would pair it with neutral bottoms and visa versa. Wearing a lot of color seemed scary. Yesterday I decided to give it a shot. I paired two of my favorites- mint and coral. Perfect colors for spring!
Sorry that Eve isn't in any of these pictures! We took them when we got home from shopping and Eve had fallen asleep during the trip. I can tell you that she looked super cute though :)


A Few Facts About Water

Lately I've realized that I do not drink enough water. I've been reading some books about beauty and these books all emphasize the importance of water in obtaining clear skin and healthy hair. These aren't the only benefits of being well hydrated either. It also improves your overall health and can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.

The problem is that I've always heard different things about how much water a person should drink. I decided to check the Institute of Medicine's recommendations for water intake. Here is what I found out and a few other facts about water as well:

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Blue Maxi

At the moment I own two maxi skirts and I definitely want to expand my collection! They are so gorgeous and comfortable. This blue one is different from your average maxi skirt. It is gathered on the side and has a slit to the knee. Plus the color is absolutely amazing. I always feel pretty when I'm wearing this skirt. There are a lot of different ways to style a maxi skirt and on this occasion I chose to pair it with a button up shirt and a belt.

P.S. Eve is adorable (in case you hadn't already realized this)


Blazers and Coral Lace

I'm a big fan of blazers but they're not always the most comfortable thing in the world. They can also be fairly movement restricting which isn't great when you have a little baby that likes to be played with and carried. This blazer, however, is not like that. It is so comfortable! What really sold me on this blazer though was the polka dot cuffs! So cute! I absolutely love these coral lace ankle boots as well. I love lace, I love coral, and I love ankle boots. Obviously these shoes are the perfect combination. They are surprisingly comfortable as well. I'm all about comfort these days. 

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Black and Blue

One of my favorite things to wear in the colder weather has been a button up shirt with a sweater and a statement necklace. It's an outfit that keeps you warm and looking put together. Since the weather has been warming up (for the most part) I'm beginning to mourn the loss of this look. I don't think I have to say goodbye to my sweaters just yet though because Utah weather often seems to forget that it's May and that it's spring. 

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Letters to Eve: 5 Months

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20 Minute Workout: Legs and Butt

Okay, technically it's not Wednesday. I hope you'll forgive me though because this time took a lot of time and effort to put together. I developed another 20 minute circuit workout. This one is designed to strengthen and tone your legs and butt! Who doesn't want that?!

I put a little more explanation of the exercises than I did for the arms and chest workout. That's because there's a lot more room for error in these exercises. I referred to the guidelines provided by the American Council on Exercise when designing this workout. 

You may be used to having your arms in a different position than mine (such as on the hips) when performing some of these exercises. I like to use my arms for balance as this reduces the strain on the knee. This is also what is recommended by the American Council on Exercise. 

If you find that some of these exercises don't give you the burn that you need, try holding some dumbbells while performing the exercise. 

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Peplum and a Shopping Haul

As a little reward for graduating, my husband took me shopping at City Creek Center and let me pick out a few things. I found some really cute things which will be appearing in upcoming outfit posts! 
I have to say that taking these pictures was a little bit embarrassing. It's hard to pose in public! Hopefully I'll get used to that one day.

I have realized that my torso is a little longer than the average person's. The peplum top I'm wearing in these pictures is intended to be short but I'm thinking that it might be a little too short on me. Although it does have the advantage of making my torso look smaller, I guess.

I've included a shopping haul video at the bottom of this post so that you can see a little sneak peak at the things that I bought. If you like watching videos about clothes and laughing at slightly awkward people in videos, then this is the video for you!

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Mother's Day Wishlist

Mother's Day Wishlist

I can't believe that next Sunday is my first Mother's Day! Craziness! I'm so lucky that I get to be the mother of the sweetest little baby girl in the whole world!

I'm pretty sure that my husband hasn't started shopping for presents yet, so I thought I'd help him out by making a wishlist. The two of us are having a hard enough time coming up with gifts for both of our mothers so I'm sure it will be nice for him to not have to wrack his brains to much in choosing a present for me.

I gave him a lot to choose from so that there will still be an element of surprise to the gift. I'm excited to see what he picks out!

Mother's Day Wishlist

12 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

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Naked Palette Tutorial- Golden Eyes

This tutorial is for one of my favorite makeup looks- golden eye shadow with a brownish-red lip. I think this combination is gorgeous and you can wear it any day without looking too overdone. It's really easy to do as well! 
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Floral + Neutrals

This is my 50th post! I've had an on-and-off relationship with this blogging thing but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Plus it's a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll enjoy looking back on these posts in years to come. Sometimes I get over 100 views a day on this blog, so although I don't have a huge number of followers I guess there are some people who don't mind reading/looking at this stuff. 

Now onto this outfit. I think this floral top is pretty dang great. I love the muted colors and asymmetrical ruffles. It brought just the right amount of color to this otherwise neutral outfit. I have to say though, the neckline is a little awkward. It's pretty low and wide which means that a tank top is definitely required. Maybe not if you don't mind basically showing off your entire torso. I love, love, love this skirt. It has a cute bow in the back that makes it so much more fun than a normal pencil skirt. 
Baby Eve also joined in on the floral fun in her adorable, bright dress. Cuteness overload!

Tips for Preventing Excess Eating

I've been working on a 20 minute workout for the legs and butt but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it for today's Wellness Wednesday post. Instead, I'm going to give just a few tips for preventing excess eating and resisting cravings. 

1. When you're craving an unhealthy food, tell yourself that you have to eat a healthy snack before you can have the unhealthy food. Eating the healthy food first will hopefully mean that you will eat less of the unhealthy food in the end because the healthy food will help to fill your stomach.
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