20 Minute Workout: Legs and Butt

Okay, technically it's not Wednesday. I hope you'll forgive me though because this time took a lot of time and effort to put together. I developed another 20 minute circuit workout. This one is designed to strengthen and tone your legs and butt! Who doesn't want that?!

I put a little more explanation of the exercises than I did for the arms and chest workout. That's because there's a lot more room for error in these exercises. I referred to the guidelines provided by the American Council on Exercise when designing this workout. 

You may be used to having your arms in a different position than mine (such as on the hips) when performing some of these exercises. I like to use my arms for balance as this reduces the strain on the knee. This is also what is recommended by the American Council on Exercise. 

If you find that some of these exercises don't give you the burn that you need, try holding some dumbbells while performing the exercise. 


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