Easter Makeup Tutorial

This year for Easter I thought it might be fun to experiment with some pastel eye shadows. Since pastels aren't very intense, I figured that I would be able to use colors that I normally wouldn't use together. 

I decided to try a video tutorial this time instead of pictures. Maybe for my next tutorial I will include picture instructions as well.

What I used: 

L'Oreal HIP in Rebel (buy here)

IsaDora Gleaming Eye Shadow in Luminous Blue (similar here)

Cherry by Urban Decay (buy here)

A greyish-taupe eye shadow by Sephora (similar here)

Starlet Eye Liner in Chocolate (similar here)

e.l.f Studio 3-in-1 Mascara (buy here)

e.l.f Studio Bronzers in Warm Bronzer (buy here)

MAC Iridescent Loose Powder in Silver Dusk (buy here)

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Emerald + Floral

I was a one happy girl when I found out that emerald was the color of the year. Green has always been my favorite color but I struggled to find green clothes that I loved. Now there are so many great options available! I saw this emerald blouse (it looks greener in real life) and fell in love with it. Not just because of the gorgeous color but because of the fun pearl collar. I'm also a huge fan of the floral trend so I incorporated a little of that into this outfit as well. I let Eve join in on the fun by dressing her in some purple floral leggings. 

We are getting a new DSLR camera this weekend and I am so excited! Get ready for a drastic improvement in picture quality on my next post. 

Blouse: Love Culture
Skirt: Wet Seal
Shoes: Fashion Box (in Logan)

Eve's Shoes: Waterleaf Boutique

Introducing Wellness Wednesdays

In just a couple of months I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. Needless to say, I've taken quite a few fitness related classes. I've even taken a class called History of Physical Education- it was as thrilling as it sounds. Through my courses on exercise physiology, anatomy, nutrition, exercise prescription, etc. I've gained a lot of knowledge about leading a healthy lifestyle.

I've decided that each Wednesday I am going to share some tips on exercising or dieting. These will be things that I'm implementing (well, trying to implement) in my own life in an attempt to lose the remainder of my baby weight.

 For my first Wellness Wednesday, I'm going to share a little bit about my own weight-loss journey.

During my pregnancy I gained about 42 lb. I started at 130 lb and reached 172 lb. I was surprised that I gained that much because I had exercised and counted calories (not to lose weight, but to make sure I gained a healthy and not excessive amount of weight) throughout most of my pregnancy. It turned out that I was carrying A LOT of water. Within a couple of weeks I was down to 150 lb. At three months after having Eve I was down to 140 lb. During this time I hadn't exercised or dieted. Nursing had done a pretty good job of making me lose weight.

I dressed Eve in baby yoga pants so that we would match :)
A few weeks later and I'm down to 137 lb. John and I started P90x a couple of weeks ago. We try to get it done when Eve takes her first nap of the day. Sometimes Eve's naps only last for 10 minutes so P90x goes out the window. At other times we only make it halfway through the hour long workouts. 

My goal is to work out 5-6 times per week but this is proving impossible to do with P90x. I've decided that on the days when I can't fit P90x in, I will do a 15-20 minute workout of my own design. I will be sharing some of these workouts with you on Wednesdays.

I want to reach 120-125 lb. This means that I have 12-17 lb to lose. I've decided to blog about my weight loss to give me a little more accountability and to keep me motivated. 

Hopefully by next Wednesday I will have made some progress to report!

A Peek at Last Week

For our little family of three, last week was filled with...

1. Studying for my community health test and writing a paper (a.k.a. really exciting stuff)
Check out my 27 pages of flashcards. I may or may not have started studying these just a few hours before my test...

2. Eve rolling onto her tummy by herself three times. Mommy and daddy were so proud! We did have a hard time understanding why she would want to roll onto her tummy considering that she usually acts like tummy time is the cruelest form of torture imaginable.

3. John's Birthday. He turned the ripe old age of 26. Most of the time I still think that he's 23 (the age he was when we got married). It's weird to think that so much time has passed already!

I made John an ice cream filled chocolate cake. It also featured icing with chocolate chips in it. I almost completely ruined the cake by not waiting long enough for the cake to cool before filling it with ice cream but it turned out okay, just not as pretty as it could have been. 

4. Eve sleeping 5 or 6 hours at a time during the night for three nights in a row! I can't tell you how amazing that was! I'm pretty sure that the last time she slept for that long was when she was one month old. It has been a long couple of months of waking up every 2-3 hours to feed her. 

5. Eve laughing so much more! It is the cutest thing! She will laugh when we blow raspberries on her belly, when we tickle her feet, when we make silly faces at her, when we sing to her, when we play peek-a-boo with her, and at lots of other things. It's so fun.

It's amazing how much Eve changes each week. I can't wait to see what this week will hold for our family! 

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St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

Every year I always forget that it is St. Patrick's Day until I notice the abnormal amount of green clothing surrounding me. I also don't own a lot of green clothing.

I realized that a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, other than wearing green, would be to do some fun green eye makeup. I tried out a green smokey eye and loved it! 

Here is the tutorial for this fun look:

1. Apply moisturizer. Cover any blemishes, redness, and under eye darkness with concealer. Apply foundation and translucent powder, if you choose. Apply eyelid primer.

2. Cover your entire lid with a light beige shadow. I used Skimp by Urban Decay.

3. Cover your main lid with a bright green shadow. Also lightly apply this color under your eye. The shadow I used was from a Sephora palette.

4. Apply a darker, more olive green to your crease and outer main lid. I used Bender by Urban Decay.

5. Apply a light olive green to the inner half of your main lid. I used L'Oreal HIP Rebel.

6. Put black pencil eyeliner around your entire eye.
7. Use an eye curler to curl your lashes. Apply a couple of coats of black mascara.

8. Apply a pale pink lipstick or lipgloss. Brush your cheeks with a peach colored blush.

That's it! Have a fun St. Patrick's Day!

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Letters to Eve: 3 Months

Dear Eve,

You became three months old last week. I have mixed feelings about you being this old. It's exciting for you to grow and reach new milestones but I am also sad about the stages that you are leaving behind. You are changing so quickly. Sometimes when I'm holding you I study your face, hoping that I will be able to remember how you looked in a few weeks. I try to make the most of the time we spend together because I know that you are only going to be this little for a short time.

You are the cutest little girl I have ever seen. Your smiles are the sweetest thing. They bring me more happiness than I ever could have imagined. All of the stress and concerns I have are instantly forgotten as soon as I see that adorable little smile begin to appear. My favorite smiles are the ones you give me when you first wake up in the morning. It is as if you are letting me know that you missed me and are so happy to see me again.

I love hearing all of your little coos. They are so adorable. It is so fun to have a "conversation" with you. I will copy the little noises that you make which sometimes makes you so excited! I often make simple sounds for you to try and copy but this has not worked yet. There is one thing that you are an expert at copying though- raspberries. You love blowing raspberries. Sometimes you don't quite get it right and you just end up sticking your tongue out. It is too cute.

It is so fun to see you begin to use your hands and be able to interact with the world. Your dad and I get so excited when you grab hold of your toys, even if it is just a reflexive action. You have reached the stage where you want to put everything you grab into your mouth. That means that I'm constantly have to stop you from putting my hair in your mouth. I'm pretty sure that product covered hair isn't the best thing for a growing girl to eat.

You are finally starting to laugh! I have to work pretty hard and you have to be in the right mood, though. The easiest method is to blow raspberries on your tummy. It doesn't always work but I always try after I finish putting a new diaper on you. It only works for a few seconds but it is the cutest thing in the world! Sometimes I can also get you to laugh by making some pretty ridiculous faces. I can't wait for you to start laughing more!

I love it when you let me cuddle you. Most of the time you want to be held facing away from me but occasionally when you are tired you will let me hold you close and you will rest your head against me. Those moments are the best.

I love you so much little girl! You have brought so much happiness into my life. I am so lucky to be your mother.

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Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Makeup Tutorial

Here is the second tutorial for recreating Jennifer Lawrence's look from the Oscars this year. If you missed the hair tutorial, you can find it here. I love this makeup. Her eye makeup is a gentle smokey eye and her lips are a shimmering pink-mauve. Jennifer Lawrence's makeup artist said that she created the smokey eyes by layering different colors of shadow. I think that this is the key to achieving a shadow color that has depth and is not too intense. When recreating this look, you don't have to use the exact same colors that I do. Just layer  any similar colors that you have until you feel that you have the right look.

1. Start by applying moisturizer followed by foundation or a BB cream. I used Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. It gives your skin a nice even tone without being thick or cakey. Follow this with a translucent powder to set the foundation/BB cream. Apply an eyelid primer.

2. Apply a taupe colored eye shadow to your entire lid. I used Urban Decay's Missionary. 

3. Apply a grey shimmery shadow to your main lid. 

4. Apply a shimmery/sparkly silver shadow to the inner half of your main lid. Use a dark shimmery grey shadow in the outer crease of your lid.

5. Apply a white shimmery/sparkly shadow to the inner corner of your eye and along your bottom lash line.

6. Apply liquid liner along the outer 3/4 of your upper lash line. Use a pencil liner to line the inner 1/4 of your upper lash line and along your entire upper lash line. Also use the pencil to line the outer 1/2 of your bottom tear line. 

7. Apply fake eyelashes and coat your own lashes in mascara.

8. Apply a peachy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones.

9. Use a lipstick or lipgloss that will give you pink-mauve lips. To achieve this, I first applied bareMinerals' Marvelous Moxie lipgloss. I applied it very lightly because it's a strong color. I topped this with a sparkly pink gloss.

You're done!

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