Grey + Mint + Gold

Pinterest is the best. Seriously. It has really had a positive impact on my style. I love that there's one place that I can look to for inspiration. Most of the time I don't recreate an outfit that I've pinned too closely but when I saw this pin, I fell in love with everything about it. The sweater & button-up combo, the grey and mint pairing, the gold jewelry.

Mint and gold

Orange + Black

Guess what? Halloween is this week! Just thought I'd let you know because I'm sure you've all forgotten :) In the spirit of Halloween, here's an orange and black outfit! My husband really liked this outfit, so it must be a winner. 

Being from Australia, where we didn't really celebrate Halloween, I've always thought that Halloween was a weird holiday. Partly because I don't like scary movies or being scared. I have to say that I understand the appeal now. Dressing up is a lot of fun and having a baby to dress up is going to make this Halloween even better. Prepare yourselves to see pictures of cute Baby Eve in her costume later this week!

Witch Makeup Tutorial

Since Halloween is only a couple of days away, I thought it might be fun to share a last minute Halloween makeup tutorial. I think that it's pretty easy to throw together a fairly decent witch outfit at the last minute. If you're really desperate, you can just wear all black. To really make sure that you look like a witch, all you really need is a witch hat which you can get almost anywhere, including the dollar store. 


Letters to Eve: 9 & 10 Months





Fur Trimmed Vest + Combat Boots

I think I've started a new love affair with vests. I was never really into them but over the past few weeks I've bought two (and I'm not wearing either of them in this post) so I guess that's changed!
Want to know something kinda funny? Out of all the shoes I've ever owned, I think these boots have gotten the most compliments. That's weird to me because I wouldn't say that they're my cutest shoes or my favorite shoes. I love wearing them though because the odds are pretty high that someone will comment on them. Usually it's strangers too. It's always fun when someone you don't know goes out of their way to compliment something you're wearing. That's when you know it's a keeper.

My New Favorite Wedges

There's just something fun about wearing a silky, satiny shirt. You instantly feel dressed up. I also love that this shirt has boning, to give it a  more fitted look. 
Now onto these wedges. I am in love with them! If I wasn't already married, I would marry them. I have wanted a pair of Opal DVF wedges for so long. The $300 price tag was a little much for me, though. I started to look for knock offs and learned that Target used to sell a pair. The key words being used to. I searched and searched for a pair but had no success. Months went by and I decided to search on ebay one more time for a pair. I found a seller who had a bunch of new pairs in size 8- my size! Talk about lucky. They were only $20 too! They may not be quite as beautiful as the DVF wedges, but they were definitely worth the $280 I saved!

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1920s Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial

It's time for my second Halloween makeup tutorial!

With the release of the Great Gatsby earlier this year, 1920s costumes are expected to be pretty dang popular this year. 

The 1920s brought us the smokey eye, one of my favorite and go-to looks. 
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All Things Thursday!

Today I'm being spotlighted in the All Things Thursday Link Party! Yay! As a spotlight, I also get to be a co-host for the linkup! Pretty exciting stuff! Check it out below!


Welcome to ALL THINGS THURSDAY LINK PARTY!! Thanks for all those who linked up with us last week! We are having so much fun and hope you are too!
As a reminder, we will pick two links to feature each week and when you are featured, you will have the opportunity to co-host the link party with us. Those who link up will also be required to follow the co-hosts. 
We are excited to see what you have in store for us this week! Thanks for linking up and inspiring us!
Check out what your hosts have been up to this week:
A Leopard Peplum outfit by Hunters of Happiness | And Must Have Sweaters by Glitz and Gold
Now, meet our gorgeous features from last week's link party:

Sierra from Life as a Waterleaf
We LOVE how Sierra styled this windowpane dress. She looks AMAZING in it!! Windowpane is such an in pattern right now and we love how she kept the print as the focus. Her perfect hair and bold lips add the perfect finishing touch to this stunning outfit!



Know what's awesome? Being able to wear a comfy, warm sweater and look cute at the same time. Pairing button up shirts with sweaters is one of my go-to looks for the fall and adding an embellished sweater to the mix really helps to elevate this look. I'm not sure how long this sweater is going to stay in good condition though because Eve's new favorite activity is trying to pull the jewels off. 

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Neon Sequins

I have quite the obsession with sequins. They're just so fun and feminine. It was love at first sight with this J.Crew tee. Not only is it covered in sequins, it's covered in neon sequins. Can't get much better than that! I spent months trying to justify splurging on this baby until I saw that Victoria from Fashion Flirtation was selling hers. Best day ever. 
Baby Eve really loves this top too- soo many sequins to try and pinch.  Check out her walking skills in these pics! She can walk around holding just one of our hands now. She's getting to be such a grown up girl!


Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

When I was trying to think of pretty Halloween makeup tutorials to do, the first thing that came to my mind was a mermaid. I love blue and green color schemes and I thought that this would be perfect for mermaid makeup. This isn't a hard look to recreate, it's just important to blend well as you go. 
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One of my go to looks for the fall is a cute dress paired with tights and boots. I absolutely fell in love with this windowpane print dress as soon as I saw it. I think windowpane print has such a classy and chic look, especially when it's black and white. Also, I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to wear boots again! They've been sitting in my closet all summer, just begging to be worn again. 

This week I'm hoping to post some fun Halloween makeup tutorials! Check back in a day or two to see the first one- a mermaid tutorial! 


I have been admiring aztec print tops, sweaters, and leggings for a long time now. I've also been looking for a comfy, oversized cardigan. This cardigan was the perfect combination of both. I may have worn this almost every time it's even a little bit cold outside over the past couple of weeks... It's bad but I just love it.

Speaking of cardigans, one of my favorite things in the world is babies wearing cardigans. Baby Eve + polka dot cardigan = cuteness overload.

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. We usually take them when John gets home from work but it's getting dark too early to do that. I'll try not to let this happen again.  
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I am really loving the leather trend. I love how leather can be used to create outfits with a little bit of edge. Leather leggings are especially fun to use in place of regular leggings. Although putting them on can be a bit more challenging than putting on regular ones. It's like squeezing into a second set of skin. 

On a different but more exciting note (at least for me), Eve took her first couple of steps! She's actually done it a couple of times in the last week. I can't believe she's already at this point! She's not even ten months old yet. I'm in trouble. 

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