Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

When I was trying to think of pretty Halloween makeup tutorials to do, the first thing that came to my mind was a mermaid. I love blue and green color schemes and I thought that this would be perfect for mermaid makeup. This isn't a hard look to recreate, it's just important to blend well as you go. 

Here's what you will need:
Foundation + concealer
White eyeliner
Shimmery eye shadows- light green, bright emerald green, electric blue, dark blue, navy blue, silvery white
Blue eyeliner
Fake eyelashes
Nude lipstick

Step 1: Apply foundation and concealer. Make sure to cover up any under eye darkness as we don't want it to affect the colors that you're going to putting there. 

Step 2: Cover your main lid, inner corner,  and lower lash line with white eyeliner. This will help make the colors bright and will also make the eye shadow stay on longer. I used elf's essential eye widener (here).

Step 3: Apply a light green shimmery eye shadow to the inner quarter of your main lid, the inner corner of your eye, and the inner quarter of your lower lash line. I used L'Oreal HIP in Rebel (here). 

Step 4: Apply a emerald green shimmery shadow to the next section of your main lid and lower lash line. Make sure to blend it with the light green. I used a shadow from a Sephora palette (similar here).

Step 5: Apply a shimmery electric blue shadow to the next portion of your main lid and lower lash line. Blend it with the green shadow you applied in the previous step. I used L'Oreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Showy (here).

Step 6:  Apply a shimmery dark blue shadow to the remaining portion of your main lid and lower lash line, blending it with the electric blue section. I used Urban Decay's Blue Bus from Book of Shadows Vol. 4 (here).

Step 7: Apply an even darker blue shadow to the outer corner of the eye and the outer half of your crease. Blend this with the surrounding colors. I used a shadow from my Sephora palette (similar here).

Step 8: Apply a silvery white shadow to the inner corner of the eye, below the eyebrow, above the eyebrow, under the eye, and to the outer side of the face next to the eye. I used a shadow from my Sephora palette (similar here).

Step 9: Cover your eyebrows with white eyeliner

Step 10: Apply dark blue eye shadow over your whited out eyebrows. I used Blue Bus by Urban Decay

Step 11: Line your upper lash line with a dark blue liner, winging it out a little at the edges. Also line your lower water line. If you don't have a blue liner, you can use your white liner and then cover it with dark blue eye shadow.

Step 12: Apply mascara and false lashes. I used Maybelline's Mega Plush Volum' Express and Ardell's Natural Lash- 109 Black

Step 13: Apply a nude colored lipstick to your lips. I used elf's Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in In the Nude.

Step 14: Cover your lips with dark blue eye shadow. I used Blue Bus by Urban Decay. If you're not comfortable doing this, use a blue lipstick instead. 

That's it! I love the end result! I wish I could wear the eye makeup every day (minus the blue eyebrows and white around the eyes)!

Thanks for reading this tutorial! I'll be sharing another one next week!


  1. That's a great idea! Can't wait to see the rest of your costume!!!


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