Letters to Eve: 11 Months



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Thanksgiving Outfit

Yesterday was my first time cooking for Thanksgiving. Usually John and I eat at John's parents home for lunch and then eat dinner with my mother and sister. This year, John's family was out of town so we decided to take advantage of their lovely home and invite my family up to eat there on Thanksgiving. It was a fun day, even though most of it was spent in the kitchen. The day was even more special because it was Eve's first Thanksgiving. Since she's turning one next week, we're running out of firsts! 

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My Black Friday Picks

My Black Friday Picks

Happy Thanksgiving! I thought I'd share a few sales that I'm really excited about! Not only have I given info on the sales and the codes you can use to get some great deals, I've also shared a few of my favorite picks from these sales. I'm also planning on updating this page with more sales and deals as I find them, so make sure to check back later!

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Forever 21 
50% off sale items until 12/2 with code EXTRA 50 // Free shipping over $30 

Forever 21 Black Friday
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50% off everything until 12/3 // Free shipping on $50+ with code HOLIDAY50 until 12/1

J.Crew Factory Black Friday

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40% off sweaters, jeans, and dresses // Up to 20% off select boots // Free shipping on $50

Target Black Friday

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20% off sitewide with code GIMME20 until 12/2 // Free shipping // 30% off sitewide on Cyber Monday with code GIMMEMORE

ASOS Black Friday

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50% off sitewide with code BLKFRIDAY excluding sale items // Free shipping on $50

GAP Black Friday

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Old Navy
Up to 50% off the entire site //  Free shipping on orders over $50

Old Navy Black Friday

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Windy Days & Sweater Dresses

Sometimes fashion blogging can be pretty tricky. Sometimes taking pictures is quick and easy but other times it's a battle. The day we took these pictures it was ridiculously windy. We had originally planned on taking this pictures at a place with a gorgeous mountain view but between my hair being flown all over the place and not being able to open my eyes without them watering like crazy, we gave up and decided to go to lunch instead. Right before we went into the restaurant we decided that the building was blocking enough of the wind that we could take a few quick pictures. 

And that, my friends, is the epic and super interesting tale of how these pictures came to be. Now you may continue down to see the different ways I tried to control my hair. 

Wait, one last thing. This sweater dress I'm wearing was $12.95 at H&M. Cool right? Ok, carry on.


Mother-in-law Makeover

A couple of weeks ago my husband suggested that I give his mother a makeover. Not that she needed one. She already does her makeup well. I do use some different techniques though that we thought would be fun to try out. 

Layers + Color Blocking

The other day I thought I'd try out a slightly different look to what I normally wear. I realized that a lot of my outfits probably couldn't be worn to work so I decided to try out a look that could be. 

Also, I love the shoes I'm wearing below. They're different from your typical black pointed toe heels because they aren't completely enclosed on the inner side. I love the effect 

I'm guest posting on The Brandied Pear today, so feel free to check that out!


Comfy, Cozy, and Metallic

I never used like oversized sweaters. At least not on me. I always felt like they made me look frumpy and chunky. I don't feel that way anymore. Especially because I've realized that the key to looking good in an oversized top is to wear more form fitting bottoms. 

I don't feel like these pictures do this sweater justice. It is such a gorgeous color and it looks a little metallic. It's the perfect amount of metallic- it's not overwhelming. 

Sorry for the absence of Eve here. She was walking around us very cutely in her pj's while we were taking these. Being sick earns her a reprieve from being on camera

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Aztec + Pastel Orange

This outfit features the last two things that I bought at the Bloggers Give Back event. The top was only $3 and the skirt was $7. Pretty fantastic. I'm loving the Aztec print trend so I knew this top would be coming home with me when I saw it. Now my Aztec print cardigan has a little buddy.

I'm going to keep this brief because my little girl is sick! It's sad to see her so uncomfortable but I am loving the extra cuddles she's giving me! 

Military Chic

Ok guys, this is going to be a really quick post. I'm writing it just a couple of minutes before I'm going to post it. I'm in for a busy day today so I'll have to skip the links to the clothes for now!

I borrowed this jacket from my sister. I was with her when she bought it and was so close to buying one myself! I talked myself out of it because it has spikes on the shoulders and spikes aren't very baby friendly. Mom probs.

I picked up the pink Valentino rockstud inspired heels at the Bloggers Give Back event last Saturday. I had wanted to buy them when I saw them online months ago but passed up the opportunity because I was on a little spending freeze.

One last thing: how funny is Eve's face in the second picture of her. I call that her "cheese grin." Usually it just looks super cute but in this pic it looks quite devilish


Herringbone + Bright Orange

As soon as I first laid eyes on the J.Crew herringbone puffer vest, I fell in love. Everything was perfect about it- the print, the quilting, the trim. The only thing that wasn't perfect about it was the price tag. I find it pretty hard to dish out $140 for a vest, even if it's a beautiful, amazing vest. Not to mention that the quickly sold out so I missed my chance to get one anyway. Then one day I happened to look through a Shopko catalog that came in the mail and was shocked to see a vest that looked identical to the J.Crew vest in almost every detail. Plus it was only $18. Needless to say, I jumped on that deal.

Speaking of deals, I also got an amazing deal on my cute Hunter boots. I got them for under $100 by ordering them from a store in the U.K. Still a lot for a pair of rain boots but I've been dying to have a pair for years now. Sometimes it's just worth the splurge.


Gingham + Teal

On Saturday I went to the Bloggers Give Back event where I was able to shop the closets of other bloggers to raise money for two little boys with cancer. I got some awesome items that will be featured on the blog within the next couple of weeks and it felt great to know that 100% of the proceeds were going to this great cause! After I finished up my shopping I decided to take a few pictures outside because there was a gorgeous garden at the hotel where the event was held. 

I just love a good sweater and button up shirt combo. It's such a cute and put-together look. I also can't get enough of my silver heels. Word of advice- don't wear heels if you go to Ikea. We decided to stop there on the way home and my feet are still recovering.

Also, how cute is Eve's sweater dress?! It kills me!

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Charcoal + Burgundy

As much as I love embellishments, fur, leather and other fun detailing, there is just something wonderful about a simple, solid colored dress like the charcoal one I'm wearing. The fact that it's a midi dress just makes it even better too. 

I've been looking for a new handbag for a while now. The one I'd been using was a cream faux leather tote that I found at the DI for $3. It was an awesome find but it is absolutely destroyed now. Eve has taken to ripping parts of the faux leather off and trying to eat the pieces- not very nutritious. I decided that it might be time to invest a little more than $3 in a handbag. After looking for a few weeks, I decided that I liked the look of the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote but I still wasn't sold. Then I looked at the Macy's website and found it in this gorgeous burgundy color called cinnabar. I fell in love and just couldn't resist it. Isn't it just gorgeous!

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Furry Ombre

I wore this furry little ensemble on our date last night. About six months ago I was thinking of buying a fur vest in H&M but I was worried about how I would be able to style it so I chickened out. When I saw this vest though for only $25 a couple of weeks ago on Brickyard Buffalo, I snatched it up right away. I guess I'm slowly becoming less of a fashion chicken.

Speaking of date night, my cute hubby and I saw Ender's Game. We've both read the book but my husband has read all the other sequels and spin offs so he was pretty excited. He kept squeezing my hand during the movie whenever he knew something exciting was coming. It was the cutest thing. 

So just before I wrote this sentence, I went to bloglovin' and saw that I'm number 14 on the up and coming fashion blog list! What?! I may or may not have done some little fist pumps in the air...

Also, if you haven't entered the M.A.C, urban outfitters, and express giveaway, make sure you do it here!



Today I'm lucky enough to be a part of an amazing group giveaway! By entering you  have a chance to win three gift cards- one for Urban Outfitters, one for Express, and one for MAC! Isn't that awesome?! This is my first giveaway on the blog and I'm so excited! So what are you waiting for? Start entering! :)
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Halloween Recap

A couple of days after Halloween last year, when I was about 8 months pregnant, we decided to buy a costume for our baby because they were half-price. We went with a cute little baby unicorn outfit. 

Fast forward to about a month ago. I remembered that we had bought that outfit for Eve and now John and I needed to work out how we would dress up. We wanted to have a family theme and we quickly realized that it was hard to think of adult costumes that would work well with a little unicorn. We thought we could all be mythical creatures but then we couldn't think of a good one for a man. In the end, we settled with me being a mermaid and John being a knight. Knights may not have be mythical but they're always around mythical creatures in stories. 

On Halloween we went to a fun party thrown by some of our friends. We ate "Halloweeny" foods, played games, carved pumpkins, and watched a little bit of Hotel Transylvania. Eve had fun crawling under the table while we ate, trying to press the buttons on everything in the house, playing with our friends' little dogs, and looking adorable as a little unicorn. She looked so adorable, in fact, that she was awarded he cutest/"scariest" costume.

I'd never gone trick-or-treating as a child or been to any Halloween parties, so this was the best Halloween I've ever had!

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