Letters to Eve: 11 Months



 Dear Eve,

It's getting really hard to take these monthly pictures of you! You don't want to sit still for even a couple of seconds. Your dad and I just end up laughing every time because you stand up as soon as we sit you down. 
Once again I'm a little late on this update. You're going to be one next week! I can't believe it. You're not going to be a baby anymore. You're going to be a toddler. How can I have a toddler?

You are walking everywhere now! It's the cutest thing. People in the store stop to say how cute you are when they see you walking around because you are so tiny. You're such a mini person now! You also love to carry things around with you when you walk. You'll pick up a blanket or clothes and just walk away with. You especially love to carry buckets or bags around and fill them with things that you come across.

Your favorite things to eat are apples, strawberries, and grapes. When you eat apples and grapes you struggle to chew them up completely so you usually end up filling your mouth and then spitting most of it out again. You still love eating them though.

You're still being a difficult sleeper. You still wake up during the night and it's really hard to get you to go down for a nap in your crib. You just want to be held for your whole nap. I love holding you but it means I can't get much done!

For your first Halloween we dressed you as a baby unicorn. You looked adorable. We also went to a witch tea a few days before Halloween and I dressed you as a little black cat. 

You love to copy everything you see now. You try to brush your own hair, brush your teeth, clean with a sponge, and you wear your toy rings as bracelets. I just can't get over how cute it is!

You were sick a few weeks ago and it was awful! You had no energy and were sad all the time. You just wanted me to hold you all day. There was even one night where you could barely sleep because you were so uncomfortable. Tylenol wasn't helping and you had been sick for quite a while so we took you to the doctor but it turned out that you probably just had a really bad sore throat. Poor little thing! We spent a lot of time cuddling and watching your favorite shows, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

You are such a sweet little girl! You are so active and you love to chat away. You give the sweetest little smiles where your eyes are almost closed and you show off all six of your little teeth. Your dad and I just melt when you gives us those smiles! I haven't quite captured one of those smiles on camera but here's a pretty cute one:

We love you so much, sweetheart! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday next week!

Love, Mama


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