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Happy New Years Eve!

As good as this year has been, I'm definitely excited for 2015! The main reason being that our new little girl will be arriving this year. In less than three months actually! I also love the feeling of a fresh start that comes with the beginning of a new year. I am pretty terrible at keeping my resolutions but I still think they help me. I can look back at my goals from last year and see that I at least made a little progress.

This year I really want to focus on exercising more regularly, eating more healthily, being more organized, and improving my spiritual well being. I won't share all the goals that come under those categories because that list is WAY too long. My goal is to at least keep this resolutions until the end of January and then to reevaluate and recommit each month.

Let's wrap up this year of blog posts with my favorite looks from 2014! They all happen to be from the first half of the year... It's almost like I didn't blog for months this year... How strange...

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Soft Glamour Makeup Tutorial

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Mad About Plaid


A New Name, A New Face

If you're reading this post directly from my blog, then you've probably noticed that things look a little different around here. During my long absence from this space, I started to think about why I do this. Was it worth even coming back? I wrote a mental list of pros and cons several times over the last few months. Keeping up a blog is a lot of work and it takes away from the time that I have to spend with my husband after Eve goes down at night. I had thought that I had decided to stop. I just couldn't give it up though. I like having goals. I like having something to throw my energies into. I like documenting little pieces of my life, especially when those pieces include Eve. So I decided to try again. Right now, I'm not so concerned with the success of the blog. Would it be amazing to gain a bunch more followers? Yes, of course. But blogging loses its fun when you're too concerned with that. I want to be able to post whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it, without worrying about how it will affect my blog stats. So I'm giving myself more freedom. If you stick around, you'll see more posts about fitness, DIY projects, home decor, my daughter, and anything else that I feel a desire to share.

With this in mind, I felt like I needed a bit of a fresh start. Hence the changes to the blog. Instead of Life as a Waterleaf, I will be posting here at Sierra Elizabeth ( Let me tell you, coming up with a blog name is hard. It's especially difficult when you want to post about a wide variety of things. This blog is all about me so it made sense to name it after me (at least I think it does.) Of course, I couldn't change the name without doing a little bit of blog redesigning. I'm mostly happy with how it is right now, but be prepared for a few more changes. Deep breaths, everyone.

Thank you so much to all those who have followed this blog and to supported it. It means so much to me. Hopefully I can continue to keep you entertained.

And now, as an introduction to some of the new content I'll be including, here are some little girl fashion pics featuring the cutest little two year old around. Enjoy!


Testing the Limits


Maternity Style

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