Soft Glamour Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my all time favorite looks and it's perfect for the holidays! I love a soft, smokey eye like this. It's the kind of eye makeup that pairs perfectly with any lip color, even if it's a fairly dramatic one. Plus it's simply glamorous and universally flattering. I've used my Naked 2 palette here but if you don't own one yourself, grab any cool, brown toned eye shadows that you can use for a gradient effect. 

Okay, here we go!

Step 1: Beautify your face. Apply your favorite concealer and foundation, contour and highlight, and don't forget to fill-in/shape those brows. Unless you are blessed with naturally perfect brows. In that case, just take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are.
Also, make sure to PRIME those eyelids.

Step 2: Apply Foxy from the Naked 2 palette (or any other creamy, light shadow) to the inner two-thirds of your main lid. Might as well throw a little bit of that under your brow bone too while you're at it.

Step 3: Apply Tease (or another mauve-brown shadow) lightly to the outer two-thirds of your crease. 

Step 4: Apply Snake Bite (or another medium brown shadow) to the outer portion of your main lid. Start at about the middle of the top of your main lid and angle down toward your outer crease. Got it? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. This stuff is hard to explain like this...

Step 5: Apply Busted (or another dark brown shadow) to the outer corner of your lid, angling downward once again.

Step 6: Apply Blackout (or another black or very dark brown shadow) to the very outer corner of the eye, just a little beyond where you put the last color. Use a very light hand with this and blend, blend blend.

Step 7: Apply liquid eyeliner, winging it out at the end.

Step 8: Apply mascara and false lashes (if you want the full glamour effect)

Step 9: Line your lips with a red lip liner and then fill color in the rest of your lips with it as well. This is particularly important if you plan on eating/drinking while wearing this. It will keep you from having bare areas if your lipstick gets rubbed off. Cover that liner with a red lipstick. I love this matte lipstick called Siren in Scarlet by Maybelline. It looks a little shiny in these pictures but it's definitely matte in real life.  

Now you're done! The last step is to take dramatic pictures of yourself. Make sure to include one where you're looking at the floor. Oh wait, forget that step. That one's just for me. You can just go admire your work in the mirror. 


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