Animal Print Mixing

Mixing animal prints may sound a little intimidating. They're generally fairly bold prints and bold prints generally don't mix too well. When I was looking through the animal print items that I own, I realized that this leopard print top and snakeskin print skirt would go together quite nicely due to their grey and black color schemes. It's a fun look without being too crazy. 

I included a little close up picture of my makeup at the bottom of this post because I am planning on doing a makeup tutorial for this look sometime this week! It's a neutral, glittery eye that is so so pretty!

Also, I have to point out Eve's little baby top knot in these pictures! I can't believe that she has enough hair to put in a bun! I almost died from the cuteness

Peplum + Mint

I love the peplum dresses but since I don't own one I thought I could create a similar look using a pencil skirt and a peplum top. To keep the outfit from looking too bland (since both the top and skirt were solid colors) I wore a statement necklace and packed on the arm candy. I really want to get this skirt in cobalt blue too (see here). So gorgeous.

On a random side note (because it's all I can think about), yesterday I wore my retainer for the first time in about a year and oh my goodness, the pain. It's like having braces all over again. My teeth just want to revert to their crazy, twisted original positions. Stop it, teeth. Just stop it. 

Chambray + Tulle

This is an outfit that I tried out a couple of months after I had Eve and thought that it looked terrible. I felt like it made me look fat and frumpy. I have lost quite a bit of weight since then so I figured that I would give it another chance and I'm glad that I did. Chambray is so versatile that I probably should have known that this outfit would be a winner. 


Monochromatic: White

Since I enjoyed wearing my monochromatic black outfit, I thought I'd try out this trend again. This time I attempted an all white outfit. While this gives a very clean, fresh look I have to say that preferred my black outfit. That may just be because my black pieces were cuter than my white pieces, though. Another drawback to this sort of outfit that is not at all child friendly. Although this outfit didn't turn out as great as I had hoped it would be, it was still fun to experiment with a trend that I don't usually wear. My husband actually did like this outfit so I guess it's not all bad. 


Black on Black

One of the trends I love at the moment is monochromatic outfits but this was the first time that I've actually worn one. I figured that black was a safe way to try out this trend. Black on black looks chic and you avoid looking like one of those old ladies that wears monochromatic sweatsuit sets. This can also be avoided by making sure that you use different textures in your outfit. 

I also tried tying my scarf into a bow. It was the first time that I've done this too and I thought it looked pretty cute! I might have to wait until the fall to wear this again though because it really is just too hot in Utah to wear this in the summer. 


Ruffles + Floral

Okay, so it's way too hot to be wearing cardigans. Yet there I was today, in 100 degree heat, wearing a bright red one. I guess this just shows how deep my love of cardigans goes. I just can't go a whole summer without wearing one. They are such an important staple, particularly in a modest closet. 
I fell in love with this cardigan as soon as I saw it. I just loved the ruffles and the color.

Eve has slightly crazy hair here because shortly before we took these pictures, one of Eve's uncles decided to give her a fauxhawk. Even with crazy hair she's still adorable though!

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Speckled Print

I found this fun top at H&M this week. I've been wanting to buy more clothes with prints and patterns. I thought that this black and white speckled print was fairly pretty and would be great for trying out some pattern mixing (something I really haven't attempted before). The very best part about this top was the price- $9.99! How great is that!

Eve decided that it was time to start the day at 1am this morning. At 5am she changed her mind though and decided that it was time for sleep. Let's hope there aren't going to be any more nights like last night. 

A Little Announcement

A Little Announcement

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I try to do a fitness/health post every Wednesday. You may have noticed that this hasn't happened for the past couple of weeks. I really enjoy sharing what I know about exercise and wellness on the blog but I feel like these posts aren't meshing well with the other content on my blog. I want to have the freedom to write more about fitness than I am currently able to. I also want to be able to focus this blog more on fashion, beauty, and a few DIY projects. 

I finally decided that the solution to my problems would be to start a new fitness blog- so I did. I have copied over all of the fitness posts that I wrote on this blog but you can still read those on this blog as well. From now on there will be no more Wellness Wednesdays. If you enjoyed reading my fitness/health posts, you can continue to read them on my new blog: The Fitness Fox

Scrunchy + Rhinestoned

We took a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats the other day and I figured that it was the perfect spot to take some outfit pictures. We were surprised to see that the Salt Flats hadn't dried out yet. It still looked pretty cool there though.

Once again I'm wearing one of my favorite skirts- the Scrunchy Skirt from SexyModest Boutique. I just love the texture of this skirt. I wore it a little more casually this time with my favorite glittery flats and a fairly simple shirt (with some rhinestones). You can see the other way I styled this skirt here.

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Black & White

I have always loved blazers. Okay, maybe not when I was a baby... or when I was a little kid... but definitely since I was a teenager. I think I bought this white blazer when I was 14 years old and living in Australia. It is still one of my favorite things to wear. I thought that it would be perfect for a black and white look. I also decided to try out a top knot. I wear them a lot at home but I rarely wear them out. I finally worked out a way of doing them that I like so I may be styling my hair this way more often!

How cute is Eve in her little polka dot peplum top! It's still pretty big on her even though it's 6-9 month sized and she's over 7 months old now. She's just such a cute, tiny little girl!



Lately I've been searching for a comforable, cute, modest dress. I was originally looking for a maxi dress but really struggled to find anything with sleeves. I finally found this little beauty. I've never really wanted anything that had a high-low hemline but this changed when I tried this dress on. I love that it's versatile- it can be dressed up or down. 

Once again I'm guilty of matching Eve's outfit with my own. Sometimes it's just too hard to resist!


Letters to Eve: 7 Months



Dear Eve,

Another month has flown by! Reaching six months felt like such a milestone that it was hard to imagine that you would ever get older than that. You're still the sweet, happy little girl that you've always been. You're always full of smiles for mommy and daddy but you're a little more serious around other people. You just stare at them and study their faces for a few minutes. You're such a little thinker. 
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Peter Pan + Pearls

This is officially my favorite top right now. I've been wanting to get a top with a Peter Pan collar for a while and when I saw this one in Forever 21, I just had to have it. It's hard to see in these pictures but the collar is covered in white pearlescent beads and silver faceted beads. I especially love that I don't have to worry about picking out a necklace to wear with this top.

Also, how cute is the little arrow bracelet from SexyModest! I love how cute and delicate it is!

You can see in the last pic that cute little Ila wanted to join in on the picture taking fun again! Eve enjoyed playing with her braids while we were posing. They are both so adorable!

P.S. My computer survived its encounter with the bottle full of water! Yay!

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SexyModest Sale!

I was supposed to have an outfit post for today but I experienced some … technical difficulties. I may or may not have dropped an entire cup full of water directly on my laptop. We’re letting it dry out before we try to turn it on but I don’t have much hope for it. This means that I can’t access the pictures for my outfit post. Instead, I decided to let you know about an awesome sale that’s on right now at SexyModest Boutique!

SexyModest has extended their Fourth of July sale! Right now you can get 30% off storewide plus free shipping! It’s only going to last until midnight tonight so make sure you check it out today. To receive your 30% off discount enter “july30” at checkout!

Here are a few items I am loving right now:
Neon Bermuda Shorts
Available in neon orange, neon pink, and neon yellow
Belted Geometric Dress
Blissful Oasis Tank
Boundaries Maxi Skirt
Available in black, navy, or grey
Go Go Polka Dots Top
Available in Mint, Navy, or Coral
Horizon Button Blouse
Available in Lavender, Mint, and Navy
New Horizons Dress
Ornate Breeze Maxi Dress
Available in cream, pink, and mint
Peplum Perfection Pencil Skirt
Available in coral, mint, and black
Modern Mosaic Pencil Skirt
Available in white, mint, and coral
Prim & Proper Pencil Skirt
Available in black, mint, coral, charcoal, and brown
State of Grace Plaid Button Down Shirt
Available in navy and red

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Patriotic Nails

I engaged in a little last minute Fourth of July nail art and thought I might as well share my attempt. I'm usually a one color at a time sort of girl so I'm not all that practiced at decorating my nails all fancily. I always pin cute nails on Pinterest so I figured it was about time I tried something out! The results weren't perfect but I'm still pretty pleased with them!

Here are the polishes I used (obviously you don't need to use the exact same ones):
Here's where you can buy them: Nailtini  / Zoya  / Pure Ice  / Wet n Wild Fergie

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Floral Graphic Tee

I have never really been one for tees with words on them but I had to make an exception for this one. Why? Because the words had a floral print! Too cute to pass up. This sort of outfit is perfect for a day of running errands because it's comfortable yet fun. 

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Red, White, and Blue

I have never dressed in red, white, and blue for July 4th before. I kind of felt like it would be a little weird for me to do because I grew up in Australia and I didn't consider myself to be American. This year I have decided to just have fun and dress up anyway. I was born in America and I have lived here for seven years now so I am pretty darn American (except for the accent). 

I thought that my new red shorts (last seen here) would be perfect for this occasion. These shorts also come in blue and you can get them here. They have really speedy free shipping so you should have them before the 4th.

In case you are wondering, the little girl in the last picture is my niece, Ila. She is the cutest! Eve's face is pretty epic in that pic too!

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