A Little Announcement

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I try to do a fitness/health post every Wednesday. You may have noticed that this hasn't happened for the past couple of weeks. I really enjoy sharing what I know about exercise and wellness on the blog but I feel like these posts aren't meshing well with the other content on my blog. I want to have the freedom to write more about fitness than I am currently able to. I also want to be able to focus this blog more on fashion, beauty, and a few DIY projects. 

I finally decided that the solution to my problems would be to start a new fitness blog- so I did. I have copied over all of the fitness posts that I wrote on this blog but you can still read those on this blog as well. From now on there will be no more Wellness Wednesdays. If you enjoyed reading my fitness/health posts, you can continue to read them on my new blog: The Fitness Fox


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  2. I I was having the same problem too and felt like I had no choice but to post about fitness at least once a week. But I got to where I wanted to post more about fashion so I use Instagram to add fitness pictures too. I felt bad but like you, I just wanted to post about whatever I felt like that day. ; )


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