Letters to Eve: 7 Months



Dear Eve,

Another month has flown by! Reaching six months felt like such a milestone that it was hard to imagine that you would ever get older than that. You're still the sweet, happy little girl that you've always been. You're always full of smiles for mommy and daddy but you're a little more serious around other people. You just stare at them and study their faces for a few minutes. You're such a little thinker. 

You had lots of fun this month! You got to spend time with many of your Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Your cousin Henry is only a month older than you but he sure is a lot bigger than you! You played on the floor with him quite a bit and Henry loved you so much that he kept trying to crawl over to you and eat you. 

While your Aunts, Uncles, and cousins were here we went to the Natural History Museum of Utah and the Clark Planetarium. There wasn't a lot for you to do but your older cousins enjoyed them!

You also had your baby blessing on Sunday! Your dad gave you a wonderful blessing and you looked beautiful in your little white dress!

Your favorite toy in the world right now is a little pink giraffe that was given to you by my friend Amanda from Australia. I gave it the creative name of "Giraffey".  No matter what toy you're playing with, you'll drop them immediately if you can grab Giraffey. Sometimes you eat and sleep with Giraffey. She's your little pink companion. 

You have been all over the place this month! You're a speedy little army crawler and you always like to crawl into the most inconvenient places. You love pulling out the xbox steering wheel and climbing in under the table holding the TV.  Most of the time you end up getting stuck under there. You even follow is into other rooms now!

You've also get up on your hands and knees a lot. You will rock backward and forward for a few seconds and then you'll move onto your tummy. I'm sure it won't be long until you start crawling on your hands and knees!

Your sitting skills are coming along but you still fall over enough that I always have to be near you when you're doing it. 

You still love being sung to and you also enjoy being read to. You also like playing with the books on your own. Sometimes you'll just chew on them but other times you like to look at the pictures. You would look like such a smarty in this next picture if the book weren't upside down!

You're enjoying eating solid foods. Your favorite still seems to be sweet potato. You've also started having some cereal puffs that you can pick up on your own. You've become really good at eating them yourself!

Your two front bottom teeth made an appearance a couple of weeks ago! It was a happy and sad moment when I discovered the first one. It's fun that you're growing but I'm sad that I'm slowly losing my little baby! You're moving on from the toothless baby stage and I'm not sure I'm ready for it!

I love you so so much my sweet little Eve. I'm so lucky to be able to play with you and see your smiles every day. 

Love, Mom


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