1920s Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial

It's time for my second Halloween makeup tutorial!

With the release of the Great Gatsby earlier this year, 1920s costumes are expected to be pretty dang popular this year. 

The 1920s brought us the smokey eye, one of my favorite and go-to looks. 

Eye makeup was often very dark and harsh in the '20s. I prefer the gentle smokey eye that Daisy Buchanan had in The Great Gatsby. I also loved the rose lipstick that was paired with it.

carey mulligan great gatsby makeup

This tutorial is inspired by Daisy Buchanan's makeup. I made a couple of changes to bring a stronger 1920s feel to it, though. After all, Halloween is one of the only times you have a free pass to do some fun and unusual things with your makeup with no judgment.

In the 1920's, women had very thin and often very straight eyebrows. The first few steps in this tutorial show how to cover up your eyebrows so that you can change the shape or thickness of them. 

Step 1: Go over your eyebrows with a glue stick. This will keep your eyebrows in place and make it easier to apply makeup on top of them.

Step 2: Apply loose powder foundation over your eyebrows

Step 3: Cover the parts of your eyebrow that you don't want to be seen with concealer. Cover this with loose powder. Apply liquid or cream foundation over this and then finish off with more loose powder.

Step 4: Apply foundation and concealer to the rest of your face. Using a color that's slightly darker than your hair color, draw in your eyebrows, making them thin and straight.

Step 5: Apply an eyelid primer. Apply a light brown shadow on the main lid. In the middle of the lid, bring the shadow up past your crease. This will make your eye look more rounded, which is what was popular in the '20s. Also apply this shadow below your eye
The eye shadow I used in this portion was Sidecar from Urban Decay's Naked Palette

Step 6: Apply a grey eye shadow on your main lid, over the top of the light brown. Make the highest point at the middle of the lid, but don't go up as high as you did with the pale brown. You want some of the pale brown to be visible above the grey area. Also apply this shadow below your eye, but don't bring it down as far as you did with the light brown. 
The grey shadow I used was from Benefit's Smokin' Eye Palette


Step 7: Apply a black shadow to your upper and lower lash line. I used Creep from Urban Decay's Naked Palette.

Step 8: Use a black pencil liner to line your upper lash line and the outer half of your lower lash line (to make your eyes look rounder). Don't make this too heavy as we're trying to create a more subtle look

Step 9: Apply mascara, focusing mainly on the lashes in the center of your eye. This will make your eyes look more rounded.

Step 10: Line your lips with a rose colored lip liner. Make sure to emphasize your cupid's bow.

Step 11: Cover your lips with a rose colored lipstick. I used Maybelline's Blushing Brunette lipstick.

Step 12: Apply a red blush to the apples of your cheeks. I used Benefit's Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain.

You're done!


  1. Nice makeup tutorial - I loved the Great Gatsby, thinking of being Daisy this year!


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