Letters to Eve: 5 Months

Dear Eve,

Another month has just flown by! Once we reach a new month it always feels like the next month will never arrive. It always does though!

You are such a pretty little girl! Everywhere we go people comment on how cute you are. You are also such a sweet baby. You are always smiling and cooing in your adorable little voice. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

My favorite part of the day is when you first wake up in the morning. As soon as you see me or hear my voice you get a cute little smile on your face. It's the best thing in the world. 

Your sitting skills are really coming along. You can balance on your own for quite a while. We just have to be ready to catch you.

You are much happier in your car seat now that you can play with/eat toys. You still don't like to hang out in there for too long though. We usually have to carry you around any stores that we go to because you don't stay happy for very long if we leave you in your car seat.

 You are already starting to move around! I'll put you down on your play mat and within a few minutes you will be three feet away from the mat. You get around by rolling from your back to your tummy and then from your tummy to your back. You can also scoot around a little bit on your tummy by pushing off on the floor with your feet. You have even started to bring your knees in under your belly. You're going to be crawling before we know it!



 You love watching Baby Einstein! I'll put you in your Jumperoo, turn on a Baby Einstein video and then I have time to work out and shower. You will just sit there entranced by the video. You have even started to smile when the puppets come on the screen. You particularly love when the pig puppets go down a slide and fall into mud. 

During last month you discovered your feet. Now you can't get enough of them! You love having bare feet so that you can play with them. If I put shoes or socks on you, you'll kick them off within minutes. You don't put your toes in your mouth very often but you have done it a few times. It's so cute!

Two of your favorite things are being changed and being sung to. When I put you on your changing mat you get so excited. You start wiggling your arms and legs, smiling, and making little squeals. You almost always smile when we sing to you. When you're upset, your dad and I will sing "Soft Kitty" from The Big Bang Theory. We started singing it as a joke but you really liked it so now we sing it to you all the time. 

I love being your mother. Every month becomes more fun as you grow and learn new skills. Sometimes I feel a little sad that you are growing so quickly but I love how I can interact with you more and more as time passes. Although being a mother is a lot of work, it is definitely the most rewarding thing in the world. You are the most perfect little girl and I love you so much. 



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