February Instagram Challenge Recap

For the past few months, I've been participating in instagram style challenges. Specifically the #wearwhatwhere ones. If you remember from this post, I burned myself out the first month I tried one of these challenges. Now I don't stress about doing it every day, just the days it fits my schedule. So here are the prompts from February and my resulting looks:

WWWFEB Challenge List

Feb 1: Laced Up Lovelies- These booties worked on two levels for this prompt. They are lace covered and they lace up. So obviously I needed to wear them. And where better to wear your coral lace booties than on the fur throw that sits on your bed. I mean, who doesn't do that?
I bought these a few years ago from a local store but I found some other lace covered booties here.

Feb 2: On Repeat- Both my sparkly sweater and my necklace from Rocksbox worked for this prompt. I found the sweater in the clearance section of Target for under $7!  That's not a deal, that's a steal! Other colors are still available here.
And if you want to wear gorgeous jewelry like this, sign up with Rocksbox and use code sierraelizabethblogxoxo to receive one month free!

Feb 3: Band of Rose Gold- My rose gold bangles from H&M worked perfectly for this! I found some other rose gold bracelets here and here. I also found a similar bangle set in gold here.

Feb 4: Blush & Beige- You may recognize this blush sweater from last week's post. If you're not into the sweater-turtleneck pairing, this is a different way of styling a lightweight sweater like this! Definitely a mom-friendly outfit. You can find a similar sweater here and my exact blush flats here.

Feb 5: Red Hot- I always love wearing red! It's such a fun statement color. Shop my shoes in a different color here and my exact necklace here.

Feb 6- Falling for Fuchsia- After wearing such a bold colored outfit the day before, I wanted to wear a more neutral look. So I limited the fuchsia to my lips- Maybelline's Fuchsia Flash.

Feb 8: Candy Heart Hues- I went for pastel hues for this prompt. I pulled out a few items from my closet that I haven't worn in a long time. That's the great thing about these challenges; they make me wear things I wouldn't have otherwise thought about. I'm wearing another Rocksbox necklace here!
And please try to ignore my extremely dry lips. Adequate water consumption is not one of my strengths!

Feb 14: Valentine Vixen- I shared this look on in an earlier blog post. These sparkly blush heels are my absolute favorites. I get multiple compliments whenever I wear them! You can find the non-sparkly version here.

Feb 18: To Infinity Scarf and Beyond- this is actually my sister's scarf. She left it at my place and I decided to hold it hostage until she returned a top that she had borrowed from me over a year ago and never returned. She ended up giving the top back to me in a gift bag on my birthday, ha.

Feb 21: Stripes are Nice- Here's another look that was eventually featured on the blog. You can get one of these cardigans for yourself here.

Boots  |   Jacket
Feb 23: Woman's Right to Shoes- Wore my go-to boots of the season for this prompt. And this awesome jacket that you can find here.

And that's all I did! I slacked a little at the end of the month but, hey, no big deal.
Do you participate in style challenges? If so, which ones?

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  1. Great round-up! Love those sassy boots!

    The Closet by Christie

  2. Great recap! beautiful outfits!


  3. All of your looks were amazing! I have really been trying to focus on building up my Spring and summer wardrobe. After a very successful January Style challenge month, and a no buy February, I'm treating myself to a little shopping spree this weekend. I am so excited!

    1. Thanks, Kiki! I hope you had a fun shopping spree! I hope I'll see what you got on your blog!

  4. This is a great challenge. I love that it's not super specific and all encompassing. Really keeps it fun! Love the sparkly sweater and fur vest combo


    1. Thanks! I agree, it's a great challenge! I don't think I'd want to do it if it were too strict!

  5. I love the fur vest Sierra! Of course I love all of your outfits!


  6. So much great style inspiration!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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