Letters to Lily: Eleven Months

Dear Lily,

I can't believe your birthday is in a couple of weeks! How has the time gone by so quickly?

You are just the sweetest thing. You always give big toothy grins where you scrunch up your eyes and nose. You also laugh a lot more than you used to. Sometimes Eve can provoke some serious giggle fits from you. I love seeing the two of you interact. Except when she's pushing you over or taking toys from you. That's not so great.

You've been experimenting with walking over the past couple of months. You like to walk with someone holding your hand but as soon as we let go of you, you immediately sit down. Yesterday, though, we finally got you to walk between your dad and me! You did it several times and it was so exciting! Whenever you do something you're proud of, you start clapping. So you would clap after each little stretch of walking. You were also flapping your arms a lot. Not sure why but it was super cute. Let's solidify your walking skills before attempting to fly, little girl.

You always want to be doing what your sister is doing. But the problem is, you also love putting things in your mouth. So you're always trying to eat her Play Doh, eat her Shopkins, eat her crayons, etc.

You love to draw. You like to draw on whiteboards, paper, windows, and walls. The wall thing only happened once and luckily it was with a pencil. And once you were finished you grabbed one of your socks and started rubbing the wall with it. Apparently socks aren't the best for cleaning off pencil...

You're always babbling to yourself. Sometimes it's words like "go," "no," and "two" but most of the time it's unintelligible. But it's always adorable! I especially love when you do it while looking through a book.

You love to dance and sing. You sing "go" during Let It Go and you sing along during the chorus of Hello by Adele. Whenever I start singing or music starts playing you start swaying from side to side. I love it. Eve never really danced but you are always doing it! You have a toy called Beatbo that sings and dances so I think you've learned your moves from that. And they are very sweet moves.

You still wake up once or twice during the night but you take two good naps during the day so I can't complain too much. Especially since you are such a good baby in every other aspect of babyhood.

I love you sweetheart! Adding you to our family was the best decision we ever made. I loved it when it was just Eve and me but I'm even happier now that you're with us too.



  1. I love that you take the time to record something about Lily,s first year. She is so cute and full of personality. We will miss you tomorrow.

  2. She is so beautiful Sierra! I love reading these so much. She is almost a one year old can you believe it?!


  3. Her little smile is so precious! Can't believe she's almost one :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  4. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Hey girl! Love this post! Wanted to let you know that I included it on my "I Adore What I Click" series on my blog today! Check it out!: http://www.iadorewhatilove.com/2016/03/28/i-adore-what-i-click-march-2016/

    Hope you had a great Easter weekend!!
    Xox Dana Ivy


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