Five Months

John and I have been married for over five months now and it has been awesome. We're always told by other young couples that the first year of marriage is the hardest but adjusting to married life hasn't been too difficult for either of us. We're just enjoying spending time together. It might be because we were apart for most of our engagement so we appreciate being able to be around each other so much.

We're both taking Summer classes because we want to get our bachelors done as soon as possible. John's also volunteering at the hospital and is working in an organic chem lab at school so he's pretty busy.

Recently I've started doing some crafty projects to try to make our apartment a bit more attractive. I haven't done too much with it in the past because I couldn't think of anything to do but luckily I've been a bit more inspired. I'll post some pictures of these projects in the next couple of days.


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