Things I Learned This Week

  1. Walking home from the gym alone in the dark when it's snowing little sharp ice particles is not fun and should probably be avoided. Not only can you not see anything, but it also feels like your face and legs are being attacked by tiny angry swords.
  2. Don't pour soda and salsa onto your keyboard. Although they might taste awesome, your computer won't be able to appreciate this. In fact, it will retaliate by making its keys crunchy sounding and sticky.
  3. Leaving the lid to the toilet up while getting ready for the day is a bad idea. Especially when you have about an inch of counter space and this counter space is right next to the toilet. Your phone and hairbrush might both decide to take a swim...
  4. My husband is an undercover/closet electrician. My computer's power cord started sparking at me and he fixed it. Thanks for saving me from electrocution, John!
  5. Working on your blog is much more fun that listening in your biochemistry/chemistry/exercise physiology/microbiology class. Actually, a lot of things are more fun than doing that.
  6. Taking CoQ supplements can prevent aging (stayed tuned for post about this in the next few days).


  1. You weren't supposed to out me. I still love you though.


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