Sorry for the two week interlude between posts. I had my last round of tests before finals and decided that it would be best if I focused on studying instead of blogging. I'm taking 17 credits right now so my schoolwork can get slightly overwhelming if I don't stay on top of things. Unfortunately for me, I have the horrible affliction known as procrastinationosis so I rarely stay on top of things. 
Procrastinationosis: a condition of chronic laziness characterized by stress, countless last minute cramming sessions lasting until 3-4am, and crankiness (due to the aforementioned early morning cramming sessions). 
Sadly, the only cure for procrastinationosis is to develop the motivation to do your schoolwork in a timely and responsible fashion. Personally, I think that's too much work so I'm going to wait until there's a treatment involving some kind of pill or ointment.

Anyway, here are some pictures from John's 25th birthday. John was permitted to make all of the decisions on this day, so we ended up going to Texas Roadhouse, shopping for more birthday presents for him, and then he played Mass Effect 3 for about 6 hours. Speaking of horrible afflictions, my husband may suffer from an Xbox addiction. 

The cake has 2, 4, and 1 candles representing 25 (4+1=5) because I am a terrible wife and forgot to buy him a 5 candle.
P.S. This is not our apartment. This is just an identical apartment belonging to someone who is much messier than us.
P.P.S. John requested the star shaped sprinkles on his cake because he's cute like that (and because they're yummy).

Stay tuned for more posts this week! I'm thinking of doing one with tips for starting an exercise program and maybe another on some healthy snacks/meals I love.


  1. Be careful--game addictions run in the Oblad family. Also, I have never seen that apartment!


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