Crochet Projects for the Little One

For the past month and a half of my pregnancy, I've had very little to do. I'm not working and I'm only taking one online class this Summer. I'm not used to this amount of free time as I usually take 4-5 classes in the Summer. To keep myself from going crazy with boredom, I've been trying to finish off some craft projects that I started and never finished and I also taught myself to crochet so that I could make things for the baby.

This baby beanie is the first thing that I've ever crocheted:
I was inspired to make this after seeing some similar beanies on pinterest. I found a crochet pattern for a basic beanie and then experimented to make it look like a baby bird.

After I finished this, John decided that he wanted me to make a "Perry the Platypus" beanie (Perry is on the Disney channel show "Phineas and Ferb"). That has turned out pretty well, but it still needs a few finishing touches.
Here are some pictures of Perry:
Here is the beanie:

Watching me work on these beanies made John want to crocheting something as well (he was pretty bored at the time).
John made this little green beanie for our baby:

I also made this little teddy bear for the baby:

There are a lot of other things I plan to make for the baby, but I think I'll wait until I know the gender so that I know which colors to use!


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