Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Hair Tutorial

After seeing Jennifer Lawrence's gorgeous hair for the Oscars this year, I had to try the look out for myself. In this post I'm going to show how I recreated this elegant up-do and later this week I'll be sharing a tutorial about the makeup.

The color and highlighting in Jennifer Lawrence's hair really adds to the beauty of the hairstyle. Unfortunately my hair is really dark so it is more difficult to see the detailing of this hairstyle. I still think that it is a beautiful up-do for any type of medium to long hair.

1. Spread foaming or cream mousse throughout damp hair. This will provide extra texture, lift, and hold.
2. Blow dry your hair with a round brush (or a hair dryer-round brush combo like I have). Dry the top  section of your hair up and toward the back of the head.

3. Tease the hair on the top of your head. Apply hairspray or a texture powder to maintain the volume.
4. Gently brush your hair back toward the back of your head.

5. Separate a piece of hair on the side of your head and pin it at the back of your head (this pin will be removed after a few steps)
6. Beneath the piece of hair you just pinned, separate another section and twist it.

7. Grab another piece of hair below the twisted section. Bring that section over the top of the twisted one and then bring the twisted section back over the untwisted one (you're basically loosely twisting these two sections together a couple of times). Pin these sections at the back of your head (as in step 5, this pin will be removed).
8. Grab another section of hair just above the ear and also pin that at the back of the head. Repeat steps 5-8 on the other side of your head, making sure not to pin the new sections on top of the ones from the other side.

9. Remove the pins holding the sections from one side and twist the sections together loosely once or twice. Repin to the back of the head. Repeat on the other side.
10. Put hair in a low ponytail.

11. Separate the ponytail into two sections, making the top section larger. The top section should consist of about 3/4 of the hair.
12. Roll the top section down. Roll it inward (toward the back of the head).

13. Secure the rolled hair with pins.
14. Roll the bottom section in toward the neck. Pin the roll, making sure not to leave a gap between the top and bottom rolls.

 That's it! It's really not too difficult. It did take me a couple of tries to get the strands on the side to sit in a way that I liked.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or you can email me at


  1. Brava!

    However, I followed all the steps but my results were less satisfactory. I will try again.

  2. Beautiful! Especially on you. Too bad there isn't more contrast so we could see better.


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