The Life of an Almost Three Month Old

Hi, my name is Eve. I will be three months old on Monday. I may be young but I already have some strong opinions. I'm going to share some of these with you and tell you some other facts about me.

I have a lot of hair and it sticks straight up. It's one of the first things that everyone mentions when they first see me. Most people probably couldn't pull of this look but I think that I do. 

I hate my car seat. Sitting in it is pure torture. My mom may have picked out the cutest, girliest one in the store but I'm still not a fan. If I'm in there for more than 5 minutes, get ready for one seriously unhappy baby.

A few weeks ago I discovered that I have hands! Those things are great! I suck on them throughout the entire day. Sometimes I try to fit my whole hand in my mouth but I haven't been successful with that yet.

I'm not a fan of tummy time. Mom tries to console me by telling me that it will make my neck and arms stronger but I'm not buying it.

I love bath time. It helps me to unwind after a long hard day of playing, eating, and crying.

I also love to make noise. I'm always cooing. I don't think my parents understand what I'm trying to say but they still think it's super cute.

I absolutely refuse to take pacifiers and bottles. I think that having plastic, rubber, or silicone in my mouth is extremely gross and I let everyone around me know it with a disgusted expression and even a little gagging. I'm always prepared to start screaming if anyone attempts to force a pacifier or bottle upon me.

I love to lay on my play mat and stare at my toys. I like to hit my toy monkey with my arm. Sometimes I even grab it! Mom gets so excited when I do this.

I don't usually laugh very much. I've graced Mom and Dad with a few "ha"s but they haven't quite worked out what I find funny yet. I'm going to make them work hard to get a good laugh out of me. You should see some of the things they do to try and get me to giggle.

I love to stand. I can't wait till I can stand and walk on my own. I'm so ready to move around!

Well, I think those are the main things that you should know about me. I'll make sure that my mom keeps you updated with what is happening with me.


  1. What a very loved little girl. Brings back so many memories of having a new, fresh little spirit in your life. Enjoy! luv, cousin Heidi

  2. Love the pictures; love the captions; love the baby; love you.


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