Letters to Eve: 4 Months


Dear Eve,

I can't believe that another month has passed! You are getting so big! At your doctor's appointment earlier this week you weighed 12 lb 4 oz and you were 25 inches tall! That means that you've gained almost 6 pounds and you have grown 6 inches since you were born. You just get cuter and cuter everyday! I know that you are going to be a gorgeous little girl.

Lately you have really started to show your personality. You are such a sweet baby. You always give lots of smiles and you have started to laugh a lot more. You love to talk, too. I always pretend that you're telling me a story when you're in one of your talkative moods. Your voice is so cute! Sometimes when you are really excited you make really high pitched squeals. It always makes me laugh. 

We managed to record you during one of your laughing sessions. I sneezed a couple of times when I was taking some pictures of you. The first sneeze scared you but you thought that the second sneeze was hilarious, as well as all the fake sneezes I did after that.

Your grabbing abilities are really coming along! I can't believe how coordinated you are! The baby book that I read says that at this point most babies are still just batting at things but not you. You like to grab anything around you. The other day at dinner you even grabbed my plate and started dragging it toward you. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on you or one day I'm going to end up with a pile of food in my lap. Sometimes when you are working on grabbing something you get a look of deep concentration on your face. This generally involves you furrowing your little brow and making an "o" shape with your mouth. When you can't bring whatever you grab to your mouth (because it's attached to something) you get a bit frustrated.

You still won't take a bottle or a pacifier but you do love to suck/chew on your fingers. Practically the only time that you don't have your hands in your mouth is when you are trying to grab something.

You're getting so strong! You can hold yourself up on your hands or elbows for a long time before you get tired. Tummy time doesn't seem so bad anymore! You look so cute when you're holding your head up and looking around!

You're also working on sitting at the moment. You can sit with your arms propping you up in front of you but you are still pretty wobbly like this. Generally you will try to pull off your socks when you are sitting. It seems like you are going to be one of those little kids who is always taking their shoes off, no matter how much I protest. 

You are starting to sleep a little better, thankfully. For most of your life you wouldn't go to sleep until 1:30 am but for the past week you have been going to sleep at about 10pm. It's wonderful. Every so often you will sleep through the night too. Hopefully you will decide to start doing this more often, little girl.

Some things haven't really changed from last month. You still hate your car seat, you love to stand, and you have crazy hair that sticks straight up all the time. 

I love you so much, Baby Eve! You bring me so much happiness. You are such a beautiful and smart little girl. Your dad and I are so glad that you came to us. 

Love, Mom


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