Chocolate & Weight Loss

I think that most of us have always assumed that eating chocolate would lead to gaining weight. I know that I certainly did. Since I'm not a huge fan of chocolate to begin with (I know, I'm crazy) I've generally avoided it in the past. Lately I've started to add a little more chocolate to my diet. Why? Because of an article I read recently about a study on the effects that chocolate consumption has on body weight.

This study found that those who ate chocolate more frequently had significantly lower body masses than those who ate chocolate less frequently! I was pretty surprised by this. 

It's hypothesized that the metabolic benefits of modest amounts of chocolate might result in less fat being deposited per calorie. This means that chocolate might be calorie neutral! Pretty cool, huh?

This is not the only benefit of chocolate either. It has also been found that chocolate has positive effects on blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol level!

So go ahead and eat a few pieces of chocolate, just don't binge and eat a whole giant bar!

You can read the article for yourself here


  1. Great advice! I do Isagenix and they have these little green tea chocolate squares called IsaDelights that I just love.

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  2. Your grandmother eats baker's chocolate. No sugar, no milk, just chocolate. Your father eats... well, let's focus on your grandmother. But he did lose 6 pounds recently just by cutting out sugar in his tea and riding the exercise bike more frequently. He looks great.

  3. There actually is a chocolate diet that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine. All 50 participants finished the 90 day trial! They lost an average 31.4 pounds and an average 5.8 inches off the waist. I myself lost 10 pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 4. The high level of antioxidants shrink the fat cells (which are just free radicals - so makes sense!


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