Letters to Eve: 6 Months

 Dear Eve,

You're a couple of weeks past six months now. How has my little tiny baby become so old? It's amazing how quickly you grow and change. Just a few months ago you were a tiny newborn and all you could do was lay there and stare up at us, occasionally moving your arms and legs around with almost no control. That's definitely not what you're like now!

You started eating solid food a couple of weeks ago! So far you have had carrots, avocado, green beans, squash, and sweet potato. You didn't really seem to like any of these very much. I think sweet potato was your favorite. 
I was drinking a fruit smoothie the other day and you reached out for my cup. I lowered it down to you, you grabbed the straw, put it in your mouth, and then started to suck on it! Even though you won't suck on a baby bottle, you knew to suck on a straw! You absolutely loved the smoothie. You kept sucking too much at a time and it would start to pour out of your mouth. It was so funny and cute!

You are all over the place now! You still mainly move around by rolling but last week you also started army crawling! You have even brought your knees in under you a few times. I can't believe that you'll be crawling soon!

You are doing really well with sitting! You can sit unsupported for a quite a long time but eventually you do fall over once you become tired or when you lunge for a toy.

Your favorite thing is being sung to. Lately we've been singing the ABC song and Hush Little Baby to you. You always get a little smile on your face when someone sings to you. 

We spent a lot more time outside over the past month. You touched grass for the first time and went in the pool too! You seemed to like the pool. You kicked your little legs the whole time.

You are such a beautiful, smart, happy little girl and we love you so much! Every month with you just gets more a more fun! I feel grateful every day that I get to be your mother!



  1. Your father used to sing YOU to sleep every night when you were about 18 months to 2 years. That was the only way he could get you to sleep in your own room. He enjoyed doing it.

  2. Such an adorable post! She's grown so quickly and is the cutest little girl!

    xo jen


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