Leopard + Stripes + Burgundy

The fun thing about shopping at thrift stores is that you never know what you're going to find. There's always such a variety of styles to chose from. Yes, a lot of is not worth a second glance but occasionally you come across a gem. I love this little grey dress that I thrifted. I mean, look at those balloon sleeves! I also managed to incorporate three of my favorite things into this outfit- leopard print, scarves, and cute booties. I can't get over how gorgeous these wine colored booties are! The bows alone had me sold immediately.

I couldn't resist dressing Eve in her own cute little boots. How could I pass up a perfect opportunity for us to match? It's cute now but it's going to get weirder as she gets older. I'll probably still do it though because I'm a parent and it's my job to embarrass my children.  

Dress: Thrifted (similar here)
Leggings: Forever 21
Belt: Smith's Marketplace (similar here and here)
Shoes: 6pm
Scarf: Groopdealz (similar here and here)


  1. Wow those booties are amazing, the bow detail is awesome :) And if you aren't embarrassing your kids at least a little you aren't doing your job :):)


  2. Love this look, especially the boots! Eve is too cute!


  3. Haha the matching booties are adorable! Eve seems to be a little fashionista herself so I'm sure she won't mind matching with her stylish mama ;)

  4. I love the sleek and stylish simplicity of this outfit. So gorgeous on you!!

  5. Lovely outfit. The boots are adorable :) Visiting from the Favorite Fashion Friday Link up!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog


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