Letters to Eve: 12 Months



Dear Eve,

This past month has been a big one for you! You had your first birthday! You're not my tiny little baby anymore! You're still pretty tiny though (you're only in the 3rd percentile for weight.) You have quite the personality for such a little person! You definitely have opinions about lots of different things! You're always chatting about something in your adorable baby talk. I can't wait until I can actually understand some of what you're saying!

To celebrate your birthday we had a small party at our apartment with some of our family and friends. Two of your little baby friends were in attendance too! It was fun to see you interact with them and your new toys! I spent a lot of time making your cake, baking cookies, and decorating our living room. I wish I'd had more time to make some table decorations and decorate your cake a little better. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves though! 

You are an excellent walker now! You have really good balance. When I come over to put on your shoes you will stand on one leg and lift up the other one for me (you're a great little helper.) It won't be long before I'm you're running, I'm sure. 

You are still not a very big eater. I spend most of my day trying to get you to eat something. You'll take two or three bites of something and then you're done. I have to say it can be pretty frustrating sometimes! I still love you, though :) You're a very independent little girl so you always want to feed yourself. It's adorable but you're not always very successful. You also love to try and feed other people food. Sometimes Daddy and I will let you feed us while you're eating because it seems to help you to eat more!

You are definitely a girly girl! You love putting on bracelets. If you come across anything round with a hole you immediately put it on your wrist. It's the cutest thing! You also like to carry around a little handbag that used to be mine when I was ten. You hold it over your arm or put it over your head and fill it with things from around the house. You also have a love of shoes. Every day you will bring shoes over to me, wanting me to put them on you. We'll often change your shoes several times a day.

You have started waving and pointing at things. Whenever Daddy leaves for work you wave goodbye to him. You never wave at me, though! No fair! You love to point at things and talk. I wish I knew what you were saying about them!

You also love to pretend that you're talking on your phone. Whenever you see me using my phone you come over and take it from me, hold it up to your ear and start chatting away. You also do this with anything remotely phone shaped. Sometimes you'll even grab my phone and Daddy's phone and will hold both of them up to your ears. I can't help but laugh every time you do it! You also like to play on my phone. You're really good at deleting my apps and doing the occasional selfie and prank call. 

Whenever you come across any clothes or blankets, you will pick them up and put them around your shoulders or on your head and walk around for a few minutes with them. I don't know why you love to do this but it's pretty adorable!

You are such a fun, smart, and sweet little girl. You make Daddy and me so happy. We're so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. I love you so much!

Love, Mama


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