Letters to Eve: 13 Months

Dear Eve,

Even though I know aging is inevitable, I still feel a little surprised every time you reach a new month. I can't believe you're getting so big and so old! I'm a little late writing this letter so you're going to be 14 months in a week and a half! I love seeing you grow and change but then I think about how you're never going to be exactly like this again and it makes me sad! I'm going to miss my little baby!

You are seriously the sweetest little girl. You are almost always happy and smiling. You are also very busy. You love to explore and be doing something all the time. It's rare for you to sit still for longer than a minute. When we go to a store you want to be able to walk around on your own. It's very cute but it makes going shopping with you a two person job.

Lately you are always babbling. It is so cute. You don't really say many (or any) words in English yet. You kind of say "Dada." It also kind of sounds like you can say "this," "that," and "yes." You definitely have things to say in your own little language though. When you're not talking, you are singing. It is the cutest thing.

You still love to play with phones. As soon as you see your dad or me using one of ours you will come over and take it away. Then you'll walk around talking into it. When there is actually someone talking on the other end of the phone though, you become completely quiet.

You are still a very girly girl. Your latest obsession is with rings. You love them. If I'm holding one you will hold up your pointer finger to me. Once the ring is on your finger you will walking around pointing your finger up so the ring won't fall off. You also love bracelets, necklaces, hats, scarves, and shoes. There are always little shoes scattered around our apartment because you carry them around with you.

You had your second Christmas a few weeks ago and you seemed to enjoy it a little more than when you were only two weeks old. What a surprise. You got to play with some of your cousins and unwrap lots of new toys.

One of the things that Daddy and I are so excited about is that you are giving kisses! You will usually give us each two kisses at a time and then you're off to do something else. It's so cute!

We love you sweet girl! You are so much fun to be with!

Love, Mama


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