Letters to Eve: 14 & 15 Months

Dear Eve,

These past couple of months has been big for us! We moved into a new home and you have learned so many new things! Every time you reach a milestone or do something new, it makes me and your daddy so proud!

The biggest change has been the development of your speaking skills. A couple of months ago you could only really say "dadadada" but now you can clearly say "Dada." They only problem is that you use it in reference to everyone, not just your actual daddy. This includes me. Last month you also learned to say "hi," "hot," "hat," and "shoes." When Daddy comes home, most of the time you will greet him with a sweet little wave and a "Hi, Dada." I just about die every time you do it. Talk about cuteness overload.

You are such a smart little girl. You can now tell me what a cow says and what a dog says. You will also point to your shoes if asked where they are and you point to a hat and then to your head when you want me to put a hat on you.

You are currently obsessed with shoes and hats. Every day you try on several of each. You also love to walk around in my shoes. It's shocking how well you can walk in high heels. You also make sure that everyone is always wearing shoes. If you see that someone has bare feet you bring a pair of shoes over and insist that they put them on.

You are finally starting to eat more. Yay! I think it helps that you are able to feed yourself now. You are an independent little girl and want to do everything on your own. Hopefully this means that I won't have to stress about your weight so much anymore. Your favorite foods at the moment are peanut butter, bananas, and berries.
You now have two molars on the bottom of your mouth and two coming in on the top. So that means that on the bottom you have your two front teeth and two molars and on the top you have four teeth at the front and two molars. I guess you thought you didn't need the ones in between. Molars really are the most helpful in chewing anyway, right?

Last month we started taking a "mom and tots" swimming class! It was so much fun and you seemed to enjoy it! You didn't really like floating on your back unless I rested your head on my shoulder. You never got upset about anything, not even when you were dunked under the water. You really loved playing on the pool playground at the end of class. You just wanted to walk up and down the stairs to the slide over and over again. You liked doing that more than you liked going down the slides!

One of my favorite things that you do right now is what we call your "cheese grin." This is when you do a huge smile, showing all your teeth and squinting your eyes so that they're almost closed. It's adorable. You'll usually do it for us when we ask you to. It's so adorable.

You have developed quite the attitude lately! When you don't get your way you throw tantrums. This always means throwing yourself on the floor. Sometimes it's face forward, sometimes it's backward. It doesn't go so well for you when you do it on the hardwood floor, though. I thought this sort of thing wasn't supposed to start until you were two!

Tantrums aside, you are such a sweet little girl. You have started to give lots of hugs and kisses! I have been waiting for this since the day you were born! There really is nothing better than when you wrap your little arms around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder. When you are in a kissing mood, Daddy and I always take advantage of it. We'll both come close to you and you'll alternate giving kisses to me and to Daddy.

I love you so much, baby girl! It's so fun to see you learn and grow!

Love, Mama


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