Palm Trees and Ravishing Rose

Outfit Details
Top: c/o Lulu's // Pants: 6pm // Shoes: Walmart (similar here) // Bracelets: Forever 21

Makeup Details
Nails: OPI Significant Other Color // Eyes: Naked 3 Palette, In the Tropics Moonshadow Baked Palette // Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills // Lips: Maybelline Ravishing Rose (limited edition)

I've written of my love for v-neck tees on this blog before. They're just the perfect amount of comfy, casual, and cute. That's why I fell in love with the top I'm wearing here. Not only is it a v-neck, it also has cute palm trees on it. Welcome to my ever growing collection of v-necks, little palm tree tee. I'm sure you'll be quite happy among the rainbow of your kind in my closet.

Now I feel I should share the story of how I came to own the lipstick I'm wearing in this post. Simply because it took a lot more work than I thought it would. Ahem, let's begin:
I follow a few beauty instagrammers on... instagram... and I saw one of them wearing a gorgeous pale pink lipstick. She mentioned that it was a limited edition Maybelline lipstick called Ravishing Rose. So my online search began. I found it for $22 on amazon and $18 on eBay. No way I was doing that. I knew that it would be around $8 in stores and I figured I'd just pick one up the next day. I looked at Walmart... nothing. I went to Target... nothing. I looked at the grocery store... the display was there but they were sold out. I started to think that I should probably just give up but unfortunately I'm much too stubborn for that. When John came home I persuaded him to join my... quest (nerdy way of putting it but that's pretty much what it was). We looked at Walgreens and once again the display was there but they were sold out. We decided to give it one last shot and checked another nearby Walgreens. I sat in the car with Eve while John ran in to look. A couple of minutes later John came out holding a pastel pink tube of lipstick. Words cannot describe my happiness in that moment. It lasted until I took off the lid of the lipstick and saw that someone had already mangled it. That someone had just smashed my dreams. Smashed them like the lipstick that was stuck to the top of that lid. Luckily I had opened it as soon as John handed it to me so, with a roll of his eyes (and tears in my eyes), he ran back in and exchanged it for the only one left in the store. Happiness once again flooded me when I opened this one and saw it was perfect. This time my elation lasted all the way until we got home where I tried the lipstick on and realized that I am far too pale to pull off that shade of pink. Dang.

Moral of the story is that I get way too obsessed about things sometimes. And apparently I am in denial about my skin tone.

Thank you to my patient husband who was willing to go on this silly search to make me happy. And also for telling me that the lipstick looked good even though it didn't. Well, it looks okay. I guess I'm still a little bitter. For a search that hard, that lipstick should have made me look like a perfect mix of Angelina Jolie and Adriana Lima.


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