Governess Style

Blouse: Wet Seal- old (similar here) // Cardigan: thrifted (similar here)// Skirt: Target // Shoes: Forever Young Shoes- old (similar here) // Earrings: Target (similar here)

This is the outfit that I wore to church this past Sunday. As soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror, I realized that I looked like an old-timey governess/school teacher. It didn't help that I had chosen that day, of all days, to wear my hair in a bun. I only wear my hair up about once every couple of weeks so this was just really poor timing. Being pressed for time, I decided that I would just have to deal with it and hope that no one else made the same connection. When I came downstairs, John predicted that my resemblance to a strict school mistress would probably make the children I teach at church be better behaved. That assumption was proved false within the first few minutes of teaching my three-year-olds.

Despite my initial apprehension, by the end of the day I was pretty happy with this outfit. It's fun to try a different look and I received quite a few compliments that day. Although, I have to say if I put any effort whatsoever into my outfit and appearance, everyone seems to be super impressed because I'm pregnant. So I'm not sure whether those compliments really reflected the quality of my outfit or were simply because I managed not to turn up to church unshowered and in sweats.


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