Little Girl Fashion- Chambray and Leopard

Shirt: Carter's (similar here)// Leggings: Macy's (similar here) // Shoes: Walmart (similar here and here)

I have to say it's a lot more fun to look through and edit pictures of Eve than pictures of me! So much cuteness packed into one tiny person! Note that she chose to include a pony as an accessory for this outfit. It would actually be more unusual to see Eve without a pony in her hand.

Knowing that my one-on-one time with Eve is coming to an end is bittersweet. I know that she will love being a big sister but I'm worried about how she will react to my attention being divided. Right now she is my best little buddy and she's always by my side. Lately when we've been playing together, I can't help but look at her and think that we won't be able to do this as much in a couple of months. I did gain a little comfort from watching Eve interact with a little baby girl last week. Eve was so sweet with her. She went over to a bookshelf and grabbed a book to read to the baby. It was an adult book with no pictures, but it was still a nice thought! When the baby started to cry in her car seat, Eve became so concerned and started rocking the car seat. I don't know how she even knew to do this because we are rarely around babies. It looks like she is going to be a great big sister. I love this little sweetheart!


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