Hubby Style: Gingham

Shirt: Old Navy (similar here) // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Adidas // Glasses: Amazon

My husband has pretty simple tastes when it comes to clothing. In fact, when we got married he still wore shirts that he bought in high school. The kind with the brand displayed clearly and loudly on the front. It wasn't long before I convinced him to buy a few v neck tops and that has been his go to ever since. Lately though, John's been putting a little more effort into how he dresses and it's been awesome. I started saving pictures of men's fashion from fashion blogs and from Pinterest and showed John the types of looks that I like. He's been really receptive and even let me take him shopping to get a few key pieces. One of my favorite things to see John wear is a good button up. One with a little character, not just a solid colored one (although those definitely have their place too.) This gingham one is definitely toward the top of my list. It's more casual than your average button up but still adds a little bit of dressiness. I just have to make sure not to wear my own blue gingham button up at the same time ha ha. I'm a firm believer that there is a limit to how much gingham one family can wear at a time.

Also, it's this handsome guy's birthday today! Happy birthday, John! You are the sweetest husband and best father to our little girls. Love you!


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