Oscars Makeup Tutorial- Anna Kendrick

I figured it wouldn't be right to share a hair tutorial for Anna Kendrick's Oscars look without also sharing one for her gorgeous makeup. Am I right? I know, you would have been super outraged. Well, don't worry! I'm on top of it!

I loved the dark smokey eyes paired with the soft pink tones of her cheeks, lips, and dress. The best part? I used drugstore makeup for this look! So go ahead, recreate it yourself! The palette I use here is L'Oreal Colour Riche Shadow Quad 840- Snooze Addict. This palette sometimes comes with the shadows in different orders... no idea why. If you can't find this exact palette, look for one with similar tones.

Okay, let's get to it!

1. If you really want to go all in with this look, make sure to stay out of the sun for several months to get nice, pale skin. Just kidding, just make sure to go easy on the bronzing products. I applied foundation, concealer, and then a little contouring product below my cheekbones, along my hairline, and along my jawline.

2. Apply a soft rosy blush. I used Maskcara's cream blush in Princess Peach (her new blush, Pink Grapefruit would work well here.)

3. Apply a good eye primer, like this one. This is really important because this eye shadow isn't super pigmented, so it needs all the help it can get. Now, apply the brown-taupe shadow (second one down on the palette) from the L'Oreal palette to the crease of your eyelid and slightly above your crease.

4. Apply the purple-gray shadow from the L'Oreal palette to your entire main lid. At the corner of your eye, blend it outward so that it transitions softly back to your skin. Also place this shadow below your eye.

5. Apply the white, shimmery shadow from the L'Oreal palette to the middle of your main lid. This gives the look a little more depth and shimmer.

6. Apply a black pencil liner, such as this one, to your upper lashline and to the outer half of your lower lash line. Also use this along your waterline.

7. Softly smudge some black gel liner along your top and bottom lash line. This helps to enhance the smokiness of this look.

8. Apply black mascara (I used this one) to your top and bottom lashes. You could also apply false lashes if you wish. I didn't because I wanted to keep the eyes looking fairly soft.

9. Apply a pink-nude lipstick with a little bit of a peach tone. Mine turned out looking a lot more orangey in this picture than it is in real life. I tired mixing a few of my lipsticks, but I think this one would have worked best.

You're done!


  1. Love this tutorial. That color palette is really pretty too!



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