Toddler Style- Lace Peplum

Eve - Top: Old Navy (similar here and here) // Jeggings: Target (similar here) // Shoes: Target (similar here)

Sierra- Sweater: Target // Jeggings: Target // Scarf: Target // Shoes: Target // Bracelet: eBay (identical here)

John- Shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Adidas

I absolutely love the lace peplum top that Eve is wearing here. I think the color looks so pretty on her  and it's just so cute and feminine. As we were leaving the house before taking these pictures, I noticed that Eve had put on the little heart necklace all by herself. Apparently she felt like her outfit needed an accessory so she raided her toy box for one. It's so fun that Eve is such a "girly girl." She loves wearing dresses and jewelry and always asks to wear lipstick. I usually compromise by putting a tinted baby lips on her. It will be interesting to see whether Lily is as girly as her big sister. Although with me as a mother I don't know if she has much hope of turning out any other way!


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute, I love that top!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Thanks! I love it too! I wish they made it in my size ha!


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