Toddler Style- White Easter Dress

Dress: Gymboree // Hat: Gymboree // Shoes: Walmart

This adorable hat and dress were gifts from my mother. When I asked Eve if she wanted to wear them on Sunday she replied with a very enthusiastic "Yes!" As soon as she found out that we would be taking pictures of her, she went to her toy box and grabbed the necklace she's wearing (which she also wore in this post). Apparently it's her go-to accessory. One detail that I love about these pictures is the little purple spots all over Eve's hands. Earlier in the day we dyed eggs together for the first time. I love how holidays become fun and exciting again once you have kids.

Eve is such a sweet little girl. On Sunday we were getting ready to go see one of John's brothers and his wife. It was taking a long time to get everyone ready and to gather everything we needed. John was anxious to leave and kept tripping over a play mat that was sitting in the middle of the room. Eventually he picked up the play mat and threw it out of the way. Eve immediately walked over to John and hugged his legs. It completely changed everyone's mood. I can't tell you how much I love this little sweetheart.


  1. Kids have a way of bringing out the best in us, even when we are frustrated and crabby. (; Eve's outfit is precious. And she's already great at accessorizing!

  2. She's beautiful. The anecdotes at the bottom are like gold to me.

    1. I'll make sure to share more of them then :)


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