Glorified Pajama Pants

White top: SexyModest Boutique  |  Palazzo pants: Target  |  Gladiator sandal heels: Crown Vintage  |  Gold rhinestone necklace: H&M (similar here)  |  Wood watch: JORD Watches

I was hesitant to try palazzo pants, or glorified pajama pants as I used to call them. This stemmed from the few times I had seen people in real life wearing them, I had done a double take because I had thought they were wearing pajama pants. Now that I've finally given them a chance, I'm hooked. I do think there are a couple of things that can ensure that you don't look like you're wearing sleepwear, though:

  1. Find a high-waisted pair- it makes it look like you're embracing the 70s trend rather than that you're about to jump in bed
  2. Wear the right shoes- a pair of heels is key here. Pretty sure no one wears heels to bed or around the house... unless you're crazy
  3. Accessorize- these pants can give a too-casual vibe, so make sure to dress them up. The more dressed up you are, the less it will seem like you're in pajama pants.
Hey, but if you're just heading to Walmart to pick up some milk feel free to rock these pants with a messy bun, no makeup, a loose v neck, and flip flops. Sure, you'll look like you're wearing pajamas, but you'll fit right in with the other people who really are wearing them.

Really though, I am still going to call these pants glorified pajama pants. Or even glorified sweat pants. But in a positive way. These pants are so ridiculously comfortable that I just want to live in them. And I just might.

I'm off to take Eve to her first dance class today! I'm not sure who's more excited, Eve or me. Eve has been dancing around on her bed in preparation for the past two days, so she may win. I may explode from a cuteness overload today. If I don't then I'll make sure to give you all the cute details on Monday.

Deals of the Day

As I'm sure many of you are aware, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale went public today! Here are some of my top picks. My wish list on their website actually consists of 34 items but I thought I would spare you from that. Also a bunch of things on that list sold out already today. So if anything catches your eye make sure not to miss out like I already have! I'll just be over here, staring sullenly out a window, wondering what could have been...

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  1. i love pants like these for summer! these ones you are wearing are gorgeous!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. They really are great for summer! Thank you!

  2. Comfy, yet stylish. The perfect combo.


  3. I have been behind on reading blogs, so sorry if this is old news to you but I love your new blog redesign! It looks phenomenal!

    1. The blog redesign went live this weekend so it's definitely not old news! Thank you so much!


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