Toddler Tuesday- White Bow Dress

I don't know if many of you have seen Inside Out yet, but in the movie, people have different "islands" in their brains. These islands make up their personality. The main little girl in the movie has family, friends, honesty, hockey, and goofball islands. If this was the way the brain really worked, Eve would definitely have a goofball island. She loves to make jokes and to be silly as demonstrated by the gif above of her fake sneeze. She'll say something silly and then say "just joking," or "just teasing." She'll often point to someone else and say, "that's Lily" and then after a brief pause will say "no..." She then repeats this, pointing to several other people. Whenever we're working on a learning activity, it only lasts so long before she starts doing things wrong on purpose to be funny.

Here are a few of the cute, funny things she has said this week:
"There's fire in my seat!"- about getting into her hot car seat
"Pee-yoo, dog!"- about smelling a dog's stinky breath
"I'm not a peanut! I'm an Eve!"- response to me calling her a little peanut

I'm definitely lucky to be this girl's mama!


  1. precious!!!


  2. What a little cutie pie! And her dress is adorable. Such a classic!

    The Closet by Christie

  3. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! These photos are so fun. And her dress is just gorgeous!


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