Letters to Lily: Six Months

Dress: Gap  |  Headband: Waterleaf Boutique

Dear Lily,

Once again I'm writing your letter very late in the month. You'll be seven months in just a few days! Oops. But bet late than never.

You are simply the sweetest baby in the world. You have such a calm demeanor. You never cry. Instead, when you are unhappy you make a grunting/whining noise. Once that starts I know it't time for a nap. When we're at the store, you patiently hang out in the car seat, just looking around and relaxing. It makes outings our outings pretty stress-free.

You are very patient with your big sister. At the moment she loves to pull you on top of her and hold you like that. It doesn't look comfortable for you but you rarely complain about it. The only time you get upset with her is when she takes a toy from you that you have been enjoying. Unfortunately this happens several times a day. We're still working on sharing. We're at least at the point where Eve will bring you a new toy to play with if she takes one from you.

You are sitting really well now! I like to surround you with blankets but you never fall unintentionally anymore. You've even figured out how to move onto your stomach from sitting without hurting yourself. It's been great. Now I can sit a tub of toys in front of you and you will pull them all out, inspecting each one as you go. And by inspecting, I mean putting them in your mouth.

A couple of days ago you crawled for the first time! Before that you were scooting yourself along by pushing off your toys and slowly edging forward. Now I'm really going to need to be careful about what is lying on the floor!

You have eaten several pureed vegetables now- green beans, squash, peas, zucchini, and spinach. You seem to enjoy eating. Of course you made the obligatory "ewwww" face for your first few feedings. But now that happens less frequently.

You are very generous with your smiles but not with your laughs! You will smile at everything and everyone but getting you to laugh is hard! You have to be in just the right mood. Eve still has the most success in this area.

I was so nervous about taking care of two kids but your sweet, calm personality has made things so much easier. I don't know if I could have handled two Eves! I love seeing your personality develop more and more each month. We love you so much little Lily!





  1. AH she is SO CUTE! I love that little floral headband!


  2. Oh Sierra, Lily is absolutely beautiful! And how wonderful to have such a calm and even tempered baby. I love that you write your babes letters each month. Such a sweet idea!


  3. Ah! Look how strong she is in this photo! I love that you write these! One day your girls will be so proud of them. (:


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