Why You Should Wear a Shirt Around Your Waist

Lilac top: Halogen  |  Plaid button up: American Eagle (similar here and here)
 Distressed jeans: Forever 21 (distressed by me)  |  Mint lace sneakers: H&M (similar here)
Hat: Forever 21 (similar here)  |  Necklace: Forever 21

I don't think I ever tied a shirt around my waist when it was trendy in the 90s. Mainly because I was under ten years old and I was too busy wearing patterned leggings as pants for the entire decade. Oh, and rocking the thickest bangs known to man, too.

Compared to the other... more questionable trends in the 90s (think JNCO jeans, center parted bowl cuts, bucket hats, plastic butterfly clips, and those stretchy bubble tops that looked like a doll's top but somehow stretched to fit anyone,) the shirt-around-the-waist fad was pretty great. Here are four extremely solid reasons why:

1. You can wear a short sleeved tee without worrying about whether you'll be too cold. You've got an extra layer readily available!

2. It spices up your average jeans and a tee look. It's always fun to mix things up!

3. It keeps your bum warm. Aren't you tired of saying, "Wow, my bum is so cold." No? Me, neither. But still a toasty bum is a happy bum... I think.

4. If you have kids, a toddler in particular, they will have an endless amount of fun tugging on the sleeves of the shirt and trying to undo the knotted sleeves.
*Note: your own amusement with this will decrease over time. Proceed at risk to your own sanity.*

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  1. I hate when my bum is cold! (; haha I actually think this is a trend I'm ok with coming back. However those printed tights can shove it. haha

  2. I love this look, Sierra! I admit that I like seeing you all glammed up but you look just as stunning with a tee and sneakers :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. These layers are effortlessly cool for Fall. I love the color combinations here. Very cute sneakers.

    Welcome by. :) Ada.

  4. Hahahah it totally keeps your bum warm! And adds a really cool pop of colour to an outfit. AND is just so practical!


  5. I totally agree with you! There were a lot of bad 90's trends but I'm a big fan of shirts around the waste! You look amazing!



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