Thrifting Tips

Sequin top: Target (similar here and here)  |  Black cardigan: similar here, here, and here
Red maxi skirt: thrifted (similar here)  |  Black flats: Target
Earrings: Rocksbox  |  Ring: Rocksbox

In the past year I've done more thrift store shopping than I have in my entire life. While buying brand spanking new clothes is always appealing, there is a thrill that comes from finding a high quality piece at a thrift store and paying $6 for it. The red maxi skirt I'm wearing in this post came from my latest thrifting expedition. The quality, drape, color, and length of it is perfect and it was just $4.

If you can fight aside the images of fungal infested footwear and strangely stretched out jeans that come to mind when you think of thrift shopping, you can actually find some amazing deals.

These are the tricks I use when thrifting clothes:

1. Look at the brand
I'm not a complete brand snob usually, but when it comes to thrift shopping, you'd better believe I am. It's an easy way to know whether the piece is better quality and there's a better chance that the previous owner took more care of a high-end brand item than a $19 pair of jeans from Forever 21. I have found gently used J.Brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Michael by Michael Kors jeans while thrifting and took them home for about $6 each. Those jeans were likely $100-$200 brand new! 

2. Give everything a thorough once over
Look that item up and down like they're an overly flirty girl getting way too friendly with your guy. Check for stains, holes, worn areas, and piling. There is a reason that someone gave this away, so make sure it wasn't something that will bother you too. Also, don't be afraid to give the item a subtle sniff. An unpleasant odor will definitely irritate you later.

3. Try everything on
You know how sometimes you roll on over to Target to buy bread, but then happen to walk past a super cute sweater that you just have to have? But since you're in a rush, or you have kids with you, or you're just feeling plain old lazy, you don't try it on. You just pick your go-to size or hold it up to your body and assume it will fit just fine. Well, this technique doesn't work so well with thrifting. The cold, hard truth is that someone wore this item before you and there's a good chance they weren't your clone. This means they probably had a different body type than yours. You should always try on an item to make sure it's not stretched out in places that don't work for your body.

4. Know your limitations
If you have little interest or experience with sewing, it's probably a bad idea to buy things with defects, thinking that you will fix them later. However, if you want to learn how to refashion or are a veteran seamstress, then thrift shopping is a great way to find pieces with interesting fabrics to work with.

I have to admit, I'm still working on getting past the image of fungal-infested footwear...
Have you had good experiences with thrifting shoes? How do you clean them? Have you had to have your feet amputated due to horrible infections?

Other ways I've worn: black and white sequin top


  1. I absolutely love how bright the skirt is! Thanks for sharing.

    I found you at

  2. Cute look! What a great way to style a maxi skirt!

    The Closet by Christie

  3. You always find the best thrifted pieces! I need to work on my patience levels in order to complete a successful thrifting day haha. I SO wish that I was handy with sewing. I think that would be a game changer for me. Love this skirt!

  4. Love the silhouette of this outfit! Thrifting is the best :)

  5. Such great tips Sierra! I am the worst thrift store shopper so this is super helpful. I can't believe your skirt is $4!!

  6. I am super excited you made a post dedicated to this. As an avid thrifter myself, this is my exact process when it comes to scoping out the deals. I have J.Crew, Express, Calvin Klein, LOFT, 7 For All Mankind, The Lucky Brand and even Dior in my closet none of which I paid over $10 for! Yes it can be tricky, but that's what makes it exhilarating right? (; I know I've swayed people's minds about it before. I love that more people are seeing it in a new way!

  7. nice!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  8. WOW!

    Absolutly modest and elegant outfit!

    So style and classy. I'm a 4 kids mom fashion blogger.

    Aline Brodbeck
    Femina - Modéstia e Elegância

  9. Great tips. I don't thrift often but my problems are finding something that I think is very cute and my size but in actuality isn't fitting on me or actually tighter than I thought so yes I can vouch for try everything on while thrifting.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures


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