Black Friday Haul

The picture above shows the extent of my in-store shopping splurge. Actually, no, I also bought a couple of bras from Victoria's secret. Didn't really want to share those on the internet. Anyway, on Thursday evening I went with a group of family and friends to Target and Kohl's. The next day we hit up H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Victoria's Secret.

As much as I love the plaid shirts from American Eagle (they're ridiculously soft), I couldn't bring myself to buy another one. Also, their jeans just fit me strangely. I'm a little to tall for the regulars and too short for the talls. So I walked out of there with absolutely nothing. But everywhere else I had to put things back before I got to the cash register!

Here is what I picked up for myself, broken down by store. I'll also share the links to everything from my first haul picture below (including things for my girls and my husband.) I've also included some pics of things that I bought online. In addition to what I'm showing here, we also bought two nightstands, two dressers, a mirror... and two couches. So yes, this Black Friday/Cyber Monday was big for us!

A lot of these things are still on sale so you can pick some up for yourself if they catch your fancy!

Embellished sweater (on sale!)  |  Striped sweater (on sale!)  |   Blue fair isle sweater (on sale!)
Plaid sweater (on sale!)  |  White pocket tee (other colors here)  |  Elephant print tee (on sale!)

Scotty print pajamas (on sale!)  |  Gray cardigan (on sale!)

Old Navy
Turtleneck sweater (get 30% off with code EXTRAGIFT)

World Market

Pompom beanie (get it in black here)  |  Floral headband

Girl's mint beret (on sale!) | Striped leggings (on sale!)  |  Ivory sparkly cardigan (on sale!)
Penguin sweater (on sale!)  |  Ivory Faux Fur Throw  |  Teal plaid button down (on sale!)
Cinderella doll (on sale!)  |  Gray henley shirt (on sale!)  |  Scotty print pajamas (on sale!)
Embellished sweater (on sale!)  |  Turtleneck sweater (get 30% off with code EXTRAGIFT)
Striped sweater (on sale!)  |   Floral headband  |  Pompom beanie (get it in black here)
Blue fair isle sweater (on sale!)  |  White pocket tee (other colors here)  |  Gray cardigan (on sale!)
Elephant print tee (on sale!)  |  Plaid sweater (on sale!)

Online Purchases



Online Purchases- Lulu's

Dainty Darlin' Gold Rhinestone Layered Necklace at!

Former and the Flatter Black Infinity Scarf at!



  1. Way too many cute pieces! I love your Target purchases. That red plaid shirt is awesome!

  2. Girl you did sooooo good! Don't you just love finding all those amazing pieces at such great deals?! And I think I need that throw from World Market! Have a great weekend Sierra!


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