Scarves: from Sweat Rags to Amazing Accessories

Cable knit sweater: H&M (similar here and here)  |  Pants: Theory (similar here)  |  Riding boots: similar here  |  Plaid scarf: Forever 21 (similar here)  |  Burgundy socks: Forever 21  |  Gold watch: Kate Spade (similar here)

I'd like to note that before I stepped outside, this blanket scarf was perfectly arranged. It looked large and full. But the wind, a.k.a the fashion blogger's nemesis, showing a complete disregard for my feelings, decided to rearrange my scarf to its liking. Not that it looks terrible in these pics, but it was so much more glorious before the wind had its way with it.

Despite their susceptibility to become wind blown, scarves are wondrous creations. They also have a long and colorful history. Their rather undignified origin may have been in Ancient Rome where they were used to wipe off sweaty (and probably stinky) Romans. Or it may have been in China, where they were used to signify an officer's rank. Hundreds of years later, they took the form of the cravat and were used in France to show one's political affiliation. And in Victorian England, scarves could be used to differentiate the upper, middle, and lower classes. Since then, the scarf has been a wardrobe staple. At least in places where it gets pretty chilly in winter. Maybe not so much in Hawaii...

The fun part about scarves is that there are a ridiculous number of ways to wear them. You can tie them in a knot. You can tie them in a bow. You can throw them over your shoulder. But seriously, all you have to do is type in "ways to wear a scarf" on Pinterest and you will see more methods of using a scarf than you ever wanted to know. For example, here's a pin from Cosmopolitan about the blanket scarf:
source here

Also, I'm pretty sure a scarf would be extremely helpful if you're ever stranded on a deserted island. You can use it to shield you from the sun, you can wear it as a top or skirt, you can use it as a sack to carry things in, you can fashion into a flag to wave at passing ships, and you could fold it up into an animal like the towels on cruise ships and make it your companion. So if you're ever playing the game "what would you bring to a deserted island," you have your answer. The good ol' versatile scarf.

And now you know way more about scarves than you ever needed or wanted to know. You are super welcome ;)

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  1. Cute casual look! =)

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  2. Great to have a visual kit as to how to wear a blanket scarf. Love the colors of the one you chose along with your sweater! Great style.

  3. Amen to that! I love scarves, too, especially when it's as pretty as the one you're wearing here :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  4. Love your scarf.


  5. I love this cable knit sweater! Definitely a piece that I need to add to my wardrobe. The colours in your scarf are beautiful!

  6. Hi, dear. How are you?

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  7. This look is one of my favorite simple looks that I do all winter too!

    Con Amor-Elena

  8. you look so pretty in these pictures, that burgundy lipstick suits you so well!
    The Color Palette

  9. I'm a huge scarf lover too! This looks beautiful on you even with the wind. And seriously LOVE your lip color!!

  10. looks so casual ! simple yet beautiful! great ideas !

  11. Great cause look! I love the look of blanket scarves but always wear it the same way. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!



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