Letters to Lily: Nine Months

Dear Lily,

I've let three whole months go by without writing you a letter! Life has been pretty hectic with holidays, your sister's birthday, and moving into our first house. So I'm sorry! One of my New Years Resolutions is to document our lives better so hopefully your next letter will be one time.

Obviously you have changed a lot since I last wrote one of these! You are a super speedy crawler now. If you see something you want, you fly across the floor to get to it. You also love to eat absolutely everything you see on the floor so I always have to race you to stop you from putting things in your mouth. Your sister is one messy little three-year-old and is always dropping things on the floor for you to get- tiny toys, playdoh, food you shouldn't be eating, and little bits of wrappers. This phase was a lot easier to go through with Eve. She didn't put things in her mouth very often. Probably because she didn't have an older sister to leave things out for her!

Another thing that is different from Eve is that you are a much better eater. It's always been a struggle with Eve but you are pretty open to everything. But you still have some opinions on food. You don't really like banana. You'll try a piece and will refuse to have any more. It's one of the only things you do that with. You really love peaches and strawberries.

You have started experimenting with standing. Yesterday you kept grabbing onto me, pulling yourself up, and letting go. A few times you stayed like that for a few seconds! But you're just too tiny to be walking, so don't get any ideas. That would just look too crazy.

Things are a little tricky between you and your sister. You love being around each other but you have conflicts pretty frequently. You knock her blocks over, she steals your toys. You stand up by holding onto something she's sitting on and she pushes you over. Eve also seems to think that she's in charge of what you can and can't have in your mouth. And she seems to think that nothing is allowed in your mouth, so she's always taking things away from you. I'm working on it.

You do the cutest things right now. You've just learned how to clap, wave, and give high-fives. Also, when you get really excited you do a big smile (exposing your two tiny teeth on the bottom of your mouth), scrunch up your eyes, nod your head repeatedly, and bob your whole body up and down. It makes me laugh every time you do it.

You're going through a clingy phase at the moment. You continuously want to be held or for me to sit next to you all day. So it's hard to get things done. You've also entered your making messes phase. You like to pull everything off of shelves and out of drawers. Yesterday you emptied a box of tissues and today I found you sitting in a pile of unraveled toilet paper. I was already fighting a losing battle with keeping the house cleaned. I think I'm doomed now.

Right now you have blondish-brown hair that just keeps getting lighter. Your dad had blonde hair as a toddler and it looks like you will too. Your eyes are gray at the moment with a little bit of green in the middle of them. They're a very unique color! It will be interesting to see if they change at all as you get older. My eyes got lighter and greener over time, so we'll see!

I love you, my little Lily Pilly! I'm so glad I get to be your mother.



  1. She's growing up so fast and keeps getting cuter and cuter :)


  2. She's getting so big! Hey, life gets crazy and I know she will understand you had to miss a few months. (; She'll love these regardless.

    1. Thanks, Kiki! She really is getting so big! I can't believe it will be her birthday in March!

  3. Oh Sierra she is so cute! Isn't is crazy and sad how fast the time flies when they are born? I love how you write letters to your babies. I need to do this!


    1. Thanks, Sierra! It is so crazy!! I'm not great at journaling so this is my way of keeping some kind of record for my girls!

  4. She is so cute :)



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