DIY Valentine's Lip Print Tee

This year, one of my goals is to do more DIY projects. And why not share them with all of you! So here's my first project; a lip print tee that's perfect for Valentine's Day! It's a pretty easy one but it can take a little bit of time if you're being very meticulous. The nice thing about this tutorial is it will teach you two versatile skills: 
1. How to create your own fabric paint
2. How to create a stencil to use on fabric

I've even used this methods in the past to create some gold printed cushions for our bed! 

Here's how you can make a lip print tee for yourself:

white tee (long sleeved here)
Utility knife
Printout of lips
Paint brush

Step one: After printing out a picture of lips, go around the outline with a marker. The more detail you keep, the longer this project will take you. Keep enough detail to make it interesting but don't go overboard.

Step two: Go around the marker outline with a utility knife to create a stencil. You could use this stencil to paint on your lips but the next step will ensure a cleaner result.

Step three: Use your paper stencil to draw a set of lips onto adhesive contact paper.

Step four: Using your knife again, cut the contact paper to create a new stencil.

Step five: Remove the backing from the contact paper and press onto your white tee. Make sure to press well along all the edges of the lips.

Step six: Create your own metallic fabric paint by mixing your fabric medium with your metallic paint in a 1:2 ratio (or whatever ratio your fabric medium recommends.)

Step seven: Place a piece of paper inside of your tee to prevent paint from spreading to the back side of your tee. Apply the paint mixture to the tee, starting with a finer brush to paint the edges. Paint away from the edge so that you don't push paint under the stencil. This will create a cleaner edge.

Step eight: Once the edges are complete, fill in the center with a larger brush (if you wish). Use a dabbing technique to prevent wear to the fabric and to ensure the paint covers all the fibers.

Step nine: It's looking good! Time to remove the contact paper!

Step ten: Stretch out your tee and paint in all the gaps. This will make your print look better when you're wearing it.
Step eleven: Once you have the coverage that you like, let the paint dry for 24-48 hours. Cover your design with a piece of fabric and run over it with an iron for 30 seconds to set the paint.

And you're done! When you need to wash your shirt, turn it inside out and wash on a gentle cycle.

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  1. I love your tee and your shoes too!

  2. Loving the graphic t-shirt. So festive.


  3. Girl you are seriously incredible to make this! Love this Valentines look, and so obsessed with your hair!

  4. Love this DIY, I'm going to have to try it. So cute and festive for Valentine's Day too! Thanks for linking up with me and this will be getting pinned to the linkup board!

  5. A fun DIY project and love you styled it with an edge!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  6. DIY? How creative of you! This is a gorgeous tee.. and you can always rock a simple tee and make it look fab!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  7. Well..... there's always that feeling that comes over me when I see a "now why didn't I think of that," DIY in my feed. This is adorable! I love that you paired it with fun rock studs and a denim jacket! (:

  8. Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! I am definitely going to make this to match the logo for my site! It's perfect! Would it be okay if when I feature my shirt on my blog if I linked to your site for the DIY instructions? LMK.


  9. This is such a great idea! I love it and it looks fab paired with the leather pants. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma


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