Fit Issues and a Boot Dilemma

In an attempt to keep things real, here are two things come to mind when I look at these pictures:

1. That cardigan just doesn't fit right. I really, really wanted to love this cardigan. After all, it was less than $15. And it has elbow patches (woot.) And I think I would loved it, if I had bought a size up. I bought an XS, forgetting that I have a condition I like to call monkey-arm. It's a good day if I can find a long sleeved item that fits my body and is long enough for my arms. But if you need someone to grab something that has fallen behind the middle of a dresser- I'm your woman. Anyway, back to the cardigan- the arms are just too short. See the seam of the shoulder- it's sitting too low on my arm in an attempt to make the elbow patches sit on my elbows... and not my triceps. That's the problem with online shopping- you're always taking a gamble with the fit.

2. I may not love my slouchy boots as much as I thought. I'm a person who will keep wearing something I love, even if it goes "out of style." Especially if I think it's still flattering. I've known for a while that my slouchy boots were way past their peak trend-wise but I still liked them, they were comfortable, and so I planned on still wearing them. However, I have found myself wearing them less and less. And now, looking at these pictures, I realize that it may be time to retire them... but then I just looked and them again and now I'm torn...

So this is where I need your help- do I keep the too-short cardigan and the out-of-style slouchy boots? What would you do? Should I get arm length reduction surgery? (jk.)

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  1. I didn't notice the seam misalignment until you mentioned something. Therefore, the cardigan should stay, for now. Unless you find yourself never ever reaching for it. Then I'd part ways.

    So here's my take on boots, and it's totally biased and due to my short legs. I recently discovered late fall, early winter, that I not longer enjoyed the riding boot trend. Or knee boot? TALL boots, to lump them all together. With my already short legs, I found it took so much away from my body. I got rid of all my tall boots and replaced them here and there with booties. I feel like booties are just easier to style and a lot more practical for day to day wear. (: Maybe hold on to the slouchy boot and get retire them at the end of the season? I find myself doing that when I pack away my winter wardrobe.

  2. I love anything with elbow patches so I can see why you bought it! I would hate if the sleeves were to short on me too. I was never a fan of slouchy boots, but I like the color of yours. I would donate the boots (just being honest) and invest in a pair that you love and can wear all the time!

    XO Chelsea

  3. If you're lucky, maybe a late birthday present that was already obtained will help with replacing those boots...

  4. Hahahaha arm length reduction surgery would be a pretty wild thing. I think the cardigan is pretty darn cute. The elbow patches are adorable! I know what you mean though--sometimes I wear something and then immediately don't know exactly why I put it on. For some reason, my brain used to think it looked good and then changes it's mind!

  5. I say keep the boots! Even if you think they go "out of style" they will come back. They always do!

  6. I have monkey arms too-- so I totally feel ya! That sweater is adorable though-- I think you can pull it off. I really like the way you put a belt on the shirt too. Adds some nice shape!


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